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You are right, it is primarily a mobile game. However, you can adjust the sound and music volume in the settings.

This game is coded in Monkey2 but it ends via translator in  c++ and sdl.

Thanks for the "vertex snapping" feature. This is very useful!

it is a easy text file format and I will help you of course

Actually I have never played subnautica before, but it sounds like praise :-)

If you want to help with the french translation, that would be great. Then please send me an email to and then I can send you the translation file.

Thank you very much for your feedback. New ideas are always welcome!

Many thanks for your detailed feedback.

why do some tiles be unbuildable, seemingly random?

Which tiles did you mean exactly?

Thanks for your feedback and the info about the typo in the description.

I agree a exit button for the windows version is a nice idea.

Hi, I agree with object alignment. That would be a great feature. Also another nice feature would be a property box (with editable position, rotation and size) for selected object.