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The concept of the game is really nice. The wall cling, while great, didn't need to be on all walls. It would cause me cling when I hit the side of the ceiling, losing me distance. As such, some of the jumps required were incredibly precise and frustrating.

But the presentation though, sassy Komachi brought it alive.

I didn't want to finish this game. Just the intro alone scared me, then the first yuyuko fucking terrified me. Seeing at you did that, you did great on the presentation.

Finding myself in a dead end really sucked though.

The presentation and concept was absolutely the best part of experience. Seeing the hell gate actually terrified me a little. 

The puzzles just needed more tuning. Some were amazing, some were really cryptic. I don't even know if I got the correct ending since there were a few pages I didn't use.

Aside from that, I would love to see again but slightly more hand holding in where to go in the book.

It took a while to understand that the small circles were cores. The gameplay is alright, but those enemies were so incredibly vicious sometimes that it became frustrating.

Perhaps the best and worst part was the tree climbing area. The green wind, while annoying, kept me on my toes. However, it was confusing on where to go. The boss was a great challenge though.

While the time-travel mechanic was pretty cool of itself, it honestly feel slightly clunky to use. Perhaps since I'm not the best at these games, I usually time-traveled to my death again and again.

That being said, the boss fight was challenging and great.

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Nothing was more butt-clenching than see I have no ammo. 8/10

I was able to restart the game. It's not really one chance