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This is very silly, but it is free. And you'd better grab it, just in case, right?

This is a really charming little game! I enjoyed all the little details and how cozy it feels. I did get pretty stuck for a while on the final cat. Poor little fish!!

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This is a flexible game that gently encourages real life activities of your choice. I have been using index cards, with the Mandrake drawing on the blank side, and info about the species and soil on the lined side. 

The whole book has a kind tone, and emphasizes the individual person tuning it to what they enjoy. I am enjoying using this to reward myself for small good habits (like getting through a work day, or stretching) and I keep a Mandrake in Retort's soil so there's always at least one that gets to grow. I like that there is no cost to failure, someone else can always care for your mandrakes, and they can just grow slowly if needed. It's a nice excuse to doodle a leaf in the morning and reflect on things I did.

I could see this being fun to do with children, perhaps using a large piece of paper and crayons if they are younger, or using stickers or a coloring page to gradually fill in. If you want something that pushes you to reach for loftier goals, but doesn't punish you for missing a day, this may work for you! If you feel like the many habit-forming phone apps are too pushy with their notifications, or you feel bad seeing a tracker skip a day, or you just like the excuse to use a pen and paper, then I would recommend giving it a try.

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Short and sweet. I found the typing mechanics satisfying, which is good. The unlocks were cute enough, I like the sound effects too. The whole experience didn't overstay its welcome, which is surprising given the clear analogy. I ended up unlocking everything, which meant I played longer than I thought I would.

Got this in a bundle, and I was surprised by the plot in a good way. Definitely recommended if you're looking for a cute little short game that will be quite interesting!


I found it unsettling how super positive everything was combined with having to place workers, and then I got the mine and and felt awful about sending a couple there, so I only put workers in the bakery after that. Then unlocking the factory, no way am I sending these poor little fluffs there! So you made me feel all the things. :) The ending with the hacking felt a little fast, which is fine for the price. But it would've been interesting to find even more things, or have to search around even more, maybe have to draw on our knowledge of the fluff buildings or the facts that were shared.

I've been really enjoying this game! Really satisfying chill puzzles. I love the trilobite trait "stubby lil' guy" because yes he is, so cute. The sounds are nice, I like the music and also some of the ambiant neighborhood sounds. There's something cozy about a nice window view and an old imac.

I have some feedback for some small things I think might be nice. 

* Sometimes a fossil looks like it could go off of multiple branches and it just won't let you put it on the "incorrect" one. Sometimes it does let you attach in the "wrong" place. Being more consistent would be nice! I like being able to put it into the wrong place and need to adjust my solution, but if others would like it to only allow you to snap to "true" lines that'd be fine with me too. I'd like if there were multiple ways to solve some of them, according to your own preference for ordering.

* One of the first colorless fossils had by the "Colorful" trait, which is hard to tell when it is grayscale sometimes. I ended up having to randomly link it to a few similar fossils until it snapped to the right one, before I noticed it had extra shading. Maybe up the contrast when they're greyscale, or maybe it's just me? 

Hello, I see that Mac is currently not supported for various understandable reasons, so I'm sure the answer is similar for linux support as well! Thank you Ethan for clearly putting so much effort into these games! I really enjoyed chapter 1. :)

What I'm wondering is if anyone who has more advanced troubleshooting abilities than me has figured out how to get it to run via Wine or some other method on ubuntu (20.04)? In case it helps others, I was able to handle the error below  by installing winbind (sudo apt install winbind): 

ntlm_auth was not found or is outdated. Make sure that ntlm_auth >= 3.0.25 is in your path.

However there are a couple others I will share here, in case anyone has any insight. Googling around didn't get me anywhere unfortunately, except to gather that this may be more broadly related to other RPG Maker games?


[8:9:0712/] WSALookupServiceBegin failed with: 8
[8:9:0712/] Lost UI shared context.
[97:128:0712/] ContextResult::kTransientFailure: Failed to send GpuChannelMsg_CreateCommandBuffer.
[84:85:0712/] ContextResult::kFatalFailure: fail_if_major_perf_caveat + swiftshader
[84:85:0712/] ContextResult::kFatalFailure: fail_if_major_perf_caveat + swiftshader

Thanks. <3