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I loved the game and snake boi! :D

I'm still getting all the endings but I can't seem to figure out how there are non-con nsfw parts? Unless I'm just super lucky and haven't come across them yet ^^ Oooor Shimil is just too nice of a snake :)

I love the writing and overall feel of the game and how you incorporated time into the game mechanics! Great game, definitely recommend!

I'm disgusted by Riker, great job!

I think he's one of the few crazy yandere stalker men that I literally can never fully like again after playing his bad ends

10/10 can't wait for the full game lol

Anyone know how to get all 11 endings for the director's cut?

It doesn't work for me but it looked interesting!

it's really too late at night to be crying like this but here I am

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I think pop-ups telling us of people who are of ages to get married would help a lot. Otherwise it's easy to forget about a family line. Maybe random events where a certain family has gained a lot of followers and you have to convince them to let them send over their children for marriage. That could be a mini game of some sort? 

Edit: Also, I think adding the ability to have someone added to a couple to break that apart and making that a fighting match of some sort would be another cool minigame. 

I really loved the game! It's a really good concept and was easy to understand. I wish there was a bit more to the game like other activities to do but I guess the main idea of the game is to make a family tree. 

10/10! Would definitely recommend!

The game looks really pretty but if only I could play :( I can't figure out how to leave the cookbook and it doesn't let me drag or click anything but the cookbook. The setting bookmark doesn't work for me either.

Yeah that happened to me too. But the talking in the background was fun