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I'm disgusted by Riker, great job!

I think he's one of the few crazy yandere stalker men that I literally can never fully like again after playing his bad ends

10/10 can't wait for the full game lol


The goal was to make a character that works to justify his own actions but still not quite reaching any true kind of redeemable reasons. He's meant to be red flag city so I'm glad you like it <3


This is good to hear. I hope to try this out when it's fully released. I keep seeing a lot of "redeemable" bad guys in media lately and honestly, if the person's done sick things, maybe they deserve punishment?? Or at least, not your pity no matter how hot they are.


I was originally thinking of giving him reasons for his actions that would possibly be considered "justifiable" or a major driving force. But after consideration I feel like it's more realistic to have him use his own experiences as excuses for why he is the way he is, when they really aren't reason enough from an outside perspective. I absolutely agree with you too, it's a fun genre but in all actuality this behavior deserves at the least actual repentance or therapy lol.