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A  very Fran Bow feel. Love its short but dark concept. Nicely done.

OMG, thank you! So that's where I'd seen it from. They do such amazing work. I'd love to take a look at your game soon too! :)

Hello, all! I've looked through Fouzi's work and thus far I am very eager to start playing, but from what I understand, there's an interconnected story between the games or some sort of order to play them in, at least. Would someone please tell me where I should start from?

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Hello, Karitsa!

I saw this game on sale and I was immediately hit with dejavu from the beautiful art style. Did you or the artist/s involved happen to also help in the creation of a fantasy dating game featuring humanoid dragons as the (two) LIs? I can't remember its name, but the thought is nagging at the back of my head.

16:43! But the locked chest has me puzzled. It probably has a secret to it. Hmm...

Absolutely delightful! Charming, well-made, and loyal to the Stardew spirit and characters! This is such a tremendous service to the community.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, from one fan to another. I'd love to get a version where you can choose to be other bachelor/ettes, but it is perfect the way it is.

It's all good. Just please be mindful next time. :)

I got... Candidate?

I genuinely hope these aren't big spoilers.

Hello! Is this a demo? This looks rly good.

Very, as the kids say, pog.

This was a very cute, short game with such nice art. Well done.

Hard same on the Quest and Xyx routes love <3 I have yet to do NakedToaster's but holy crack, I love them so much.

That's what the walkthrough up top is for.

Brattan's route got me feeling things and I just wsfknewklrvbglwbgvkrasfn-

He was my abso fave, but if I knew choosing him would go down the road it did... I honestly wouldn't have chosen it. If only to spare myself certain... feelings. At least we had each other in the end though.

Ultimately, a marvelously otherworldly experience. The creator really dove into the concept of making a monster world and executed it so well that I am left... struggling to comprehend the uniqueness of it. Not out of xenophobia or discomfort, but just... the novelty of the take.

Short, but lovely. If you aren't a wuss about flesh and blood (not gore, no), this is definitely worth playing through to get all the endings at least once imho.

Dang... It seemed an interesting game and I got excited for a mo.' Now I'm just sad to hear of their death...

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I keep seeing this around and holy hell, that is one CHONKY demo. 4GB? Damnnnnn... Well, from the great reviews I am hoping it is well worth tanking my Internet for a bit haha.

EDIT: I'M HOOKED- Send halp-

This is good to hear. I hope to try this out when it's fully released. I keep seeing a lot of "redeemable" bad guys in media lately and honestly, if the person's done sick things, maybe they deserve punishment?? Or at least, not your pity no matter how hot they are.

Too good for its own good! I'm not that big of a Pokemon fan, but the writing and voice acting are just so goshdarn charming that I really wanna see more of this. I can actually say that this time, I wasn't charmed by a 2-D boy from just his looks, but his actual personality. I wanna be Garrett's friend, but at the same time really find him cute in a non-physical way. Please let this game come to its fruition! I wanna experience it in full.

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Again, this is all my personal take. My suggestions. I don't rly mind if the author doesn't pay heed to it or not. It's just the 2 cents of a random internet stranger to them, after all. I do not however rescind any of my opinions on the matter as, after playing through the endings again, my thoughts remain the same. -w-; I'm posting this cuz I am genuinely surprised I got comments and several downvotes, though the feedback to my comment is appreciated... I guess? And thank you for not wishing to my death as I woulda expected from longform replies from comments haha.

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The music is amazing, the art is that lovely soft pastel kind, and the meta concept is cool and fun-scary buuuut! The MC is unlikeable imo. They're written like everything is kind of a bother if you choose even a relatively tame negative reaction, but if you do choose to go for yandere boy, MC becomes conveniently stupid ignoring the tell-tale signs (as in, ready to jump on that d*ick kind of stupid). The latter is perhaps acceptable for convenience but maybe change how they narrate so they don't sound so judgey or at least so they sound more neutral? If they choose certain options THEN make them more inclined to narrate in a certain way, is what I suggest. Additionally, maybe not make it so that even though the narration is in first person they somehow have eyes on the back of their head (i.e. "I didn't notice him hungrily trailing his eyes on my behind", etc.). First person narratives should only encompass things that the narrator themselves notice with us, being the player, picking things up on the background for context clues. Lastly, I know the guy is a yandere and all, but maybe make his advances and actions a little less obviously desperate. I mean, I know he is desperate but him getting what he wants hinges on him acting... not so creepily into us after we literally just got home invaded. The option to have him over at our place after Violet warns me about a break-in had me internally screaming (more of in panic). A tip I can suggest to ensure the dialogue is more subdued and manipulative is this: if the yandere boy were replaced with someone not-so-handsome, would the lines be interpreted as creepy af? Could anyone irl be able to get away with saying that shite without being branded a creep? Unless the plan is he's edited even how we respond and narrate so he could get his best endings as easily as possible.

That aside, this critique was made in mind cuz I really want it to succeed. It's such a nice concept and you're only early on the story so I wanna see it work. Best of luck to you!

Max out all stats to blue.

I have the same sentiments minus the throwing into Google translate. Please take the time to translate this so it comes out wonderful. Poor translation can really take a lot out of an experience, especially if it's story-driven.

Any word, mate?

I see, I see. NP. :) I'll check in now and again for updates. Thank you!

Absolutely no prob. :)) More power to you!

Hiya! Is this project still ongoing? I just came from Purrgatory and I am so down for another one of your VNs. I need me my fix! Though ofc, not at the expense of your sanity.

Lots of love!

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This game is the best damn VN I've played in a longass while. The concept was interesting and unique; the characters charming and distinct (not just cuz they're animals and colored diff tho!); the dialogue convincing, organic, and entertaining; the music slaps; and the story is worth going through the puzzles for. The art style is so simply drawn but absolutely charming in its own way. 

Thank you for making this great work of art! Hope to see more of your work down the line. <3

Hello! This game looks great. Will the full game be free? :)

I thought I had the same problem too, but I just waited and it fixed itself lol.

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But... their sprite is a rabbit/hare? I mean, they're definitely stretchy enough to be easily confused as a slime lol, but a lot of the characters were animal-themed with one insect-themed one.

EDIT: wrong comment to have replied to haha. My bad. But you get what I mean.

OMG, I LOVE THIS GAME. Damn, what would it take to get a full release with multiple customers and an overarching story? Probably a lot... but damn, if I had the money, I'd full on be funding that shizz. Thank you for your efforts!

From what I can tell, MENTD was making a perfectly reasonable case and criticism to this game in the above comment. Just because the feedback isn't glowingly positive doesn't mean it's bad. In fact, this is constructive criticism for the dev. The only butt in this thread is you tbh.

Tho I must admit that in the latest comments, MENTD has become increasingly more irate. My advice for them would be to give up on this until the dev actually bothers responding as the fix they're asking for may very well take a while.


This was short, but fun. I'd love for more antics like this in its own CYOA setup. Hope to see more eventually!

This was great! Short, creepy, simple, and straightforward. A good story despite the limitations of the medium.

I don't think there's an ending 5, mate.

I have, but same result sadly. Tried it thrice too. It's ok though, I'll wait. Thanks for replying!

Okay, idk why, but the files refuse to properly extract to my PC. If anything, it's fucking it up atm, refusing to allow me to delete the faulty extracted files to try again. What gives? :( I really wanna play it cuz it seems like a really nice game.