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I see, I see. NP. :) I'll check in now and again for updates. Thank you!

Absolutely no prob. :)) More power to you!

Hiya! Is this project still ongoing? I just came from Purrgatory and I am so down for another one of your VNs. I need me my fix! Though ofc, not at the expense of your sanity.

Lots of love!

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This game is the best damn VN I've played in a longass while. The concept was interesting and unique; the characters charming and distinct (not just cuz they're animals and colored diff tho!); the dialogue convincing, organic, and entertaining; the music slaps; and the story is worth going through the puzzles for. The art style is so simply drawn but absolutely charming in its own way. 

Thank you for making this great work of art! Hope to see more of your work down the line. <3

Hello! This game looks great. Will the full game be free? :)

I thought I had the same problem too, but I just waited and it fixed itself lol.

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But... their sprite is a rabbit/hare? I mean, they're definitely stretchy enough to be easily confused as a slime lol, but a lot of the characters were animal-themed with one insect-themed one.

EDIT: wrong comment to have replied to haha. My bad. But you get what I mean.

OMG, I LOVE THIS GAME. Damn, what would it take to get a full release with multiple customers and an overarching story? Probably a lot... but damn, if I had the money, I'd full on be funding that shizz. Thank you for your efforts!

From what I can tell, MENTD was making a perfectly reasonable case and criticism to this game in the above comment. Just because the feedback isn't glowingly positive doesn't mean it's bad. In fact, this is constructive criticism for the dev. The only butt in this thread is you tbh.

Tho I must admit that in the latest comments, MENTD has become increasingly more irate. My advice for them would be to give up on this until the dev actually bothers responding as the fix they're asking for may very well take a while.


This was short, but fun. I'd love for more antics like this in its own CYOA setup. Hope to see more eventually!

This was great! Short, creepy, simple, and straightforward. A good story despite the limitations of the medium.

I don't think there's an ending 5, mate.

I have, but same result sadly. Tried it thrice too. It's ok though, I'll wait. Thanks for replying!

Okay, idk why, but the files refuse to properly extract to my PC. If anything, it's fucking it up atm, refusing to allow me to delete the faulty extracted files to try again. What gives? :( I really wanna play it cuz it seems like a really nice game.

I have the same problem as pooper. After the strip is just darkness. My Internet works just fine and my laptop is okay too. Any fixes you can give?

Ember is correct. It is not common knowledge. Even as someone who likes anime, I have not watched Assassination Classroom.

Furthermore, not giving credit where it is due whilst using content that isn't yours is definitely frowned upon, if not something that you can be reported for.

Gotcha. Thanks very much!

Hello! Is this game completed or is this still in progress?

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Is this... Plants vs zombies? Essentially?

I mean, don't get me wrong. I might be down for it if you introduce some interesting mechanics/features.

There haven't been any fixes yet as far as I can tell.

Daaang. :o I'm glad to know you doin better and that things are resolved. Looking forward to what you have in store! 

Heya! Is this project still seeing progress? It looks promising. :)

Weird. It doesn't seem to allow me to get past messaging Tricia. I've wasted over $100 on her lol. I think this is a bug.

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Hi! I'm currently playing your game and it is good thus far. Very reminiscent of Silent Hill. I am at the mansion rn, but for some reason, 


I can't seem to open the secret door to the leftmost side of the 1st floor. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

EDIT: Nvm, I found it! Thank you for making this game free for Halloween. :D

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I am addicted to this game, NGGGGH <333 I just finished ep 4 and thus far, I LOVE IT TO BITS!! the writing, the dialogue, the realistic and lovable charas, the compelling overarching storyline, great supporting (and romanceable?) charas -BIG wins in my book. :D Looking forward to mooooore. Might I know how many episodes you plan in total?

(also may I pretty pls have a link to the Discord?)