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I loved the game and snake boi! :D

I'm still getting all the endings but I can't seem to figure out how there are non-con nsfw parts? Unless I'm just super lucky and haven't come across them yet ^^ Oooor Shimil is just too nice of a snake :)

I love the writing and overall feel of the game and how you incorporated time into the game mechanics! Great game, definitely recommend!

Since the warning says implied somnophilia which means being sexually attracted to a sleeping person it probably has to do with that.

 Obviously just so people know there can be consent somnophilia if you discuss it beforehand and all people are alright with it ^^


I'm really glad you liked it! It makes me really happy to know you enjoyed it so much.

To be honest, one non-con nsfw needs a specific requirement (getting him to like you enough and attacking him while he's sleeping the first night, then it'll take place the next night), and the other is implied non-consensual somnophilia that might be hard to catch (when the player rejects his advances the second night). I thought there was more, but when I checking the code I realized there's apparently not.