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A Rook stares

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Alright thanks i will check the game out then ^^

By yk i meant graphic images of minors in a non pg way. But if it's just mentions/references and no imagery then i want to check the full game out. 

And i did play the demo a while ago but when i tried to play it again it never let me. I can just load my saves but if i hit start it crashes.

Does this game have minors in yk what portrayal? Because i read in your update that there is a scene but it's not in the warnings of this game page. I would not feel comfortable if there would be something like that unless it's just a mention but not scenes.

I'm glad you are continuing this game ^^

Damn new Crow looks so fine ;-;

The game costs now money does that mean you will continue the game :O?

Sorry for what you went through and i hope you stay strong in other tougher times. Sometimes in those times we think that it won't get better but trust me it will!

Take care and good luck with your new job, i hope this one suits you more ^^

Oh i see i will wait till the demo then ^^

I was just wondering if you also do a free demo with like just one day in it because spending 10USD for a game you don't really know what it will be like is not really something people will check out.

That's not hate obviously just a perspective from some people. If you son't want to do that then it's obviously fine of course ^^

I actually prefer this one because the old one looked like a kid (nothing wrong with that of course! Just the fact that it also had and will have romance i just kinda couldn't vibe with him ^^)

Either way i always support wanting to be independent( I think that's the right word lol)

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I will definitely play this game :0 

I played your other ones and i adored them ^^

This purple hair dude still gives me yandere vibes but oh well XD


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Alright either way i will definitely check out your other projects :D

Oh i actually got it right lol

Btw will there be more content related to them or not if i may ask ^^?


I really like his character even if he is a yandere he feels really unique like his own person :D

I also found it funny that we called out the anime (hair in front of your eyes) hair. Even more funnier that when he talks to himself we can see his eyes lol. Maybe in someway symbolism? Since you would kinda expect those big round goofy anime eyes by him not those sharp and fierce one which could be a metaphor of him hiding his "intentions" and putting up a goofy front to make him more appealing. Maybe i'm just reasing too much in it lol XD

I will check it out!

Really enjoyed the game and i also love this art style :D

Will there be more stories about Sasha (and the MC) if i may ask?

Lol he really looks creepy

Really cute and interesting way of symbolizing self hatred :0

Oh cool thanks :D

I don't know you for that long (just a few months) but i'm still impressed. 

Whatever you will do or not do with APC i will support you. There is nothing wrong with changing or letting go nor with continuing even after so many years

Just do what you want to do the most out of all :D

(And if you continue please spare me of those chemistry questions ;-;)

Take care ^^

The positive ending is really cute and the other bittersweet ^^

I hope everything works out for you ^^

Non binary nonsense? Have you checked the tag, it literally says lgbt bruh aka lgbtq+ even if you don't agree about lgbt = lgbtq+ enbies are still in the transgender umbrella. 

It's not cool that you come to a lgbtq+ friendly game and are being transphobic specifically against enbies. Have some respect and keep rude comments to yourself they are going through enough irl so we don't need people like you invade safe spaces for them. And if you are one of those "it's free speech" people then keep in mind that being a bigot is HATE speech and something else than free speech.

Well just because you have never seen it doesn't mean it doesn't exist lol. And i don't see the big issue anyways. There are already quite a few people with certain names regardless their gender so you just kinda have to deal with it ^^

Well more and more people support the idea that names doesn't have a gender ^^

Nice game

I enjoyed it so far. I heard that you will update the game and i'm curious to see where it will go

I would also recommend giving more information on what this game is about on your game page kinda like an introduction. Because in my case i wasn't even sure what this game will be like because warnings are not really telling of the story overall and maybe some other people feel the same. I think more people will play it once they kinda know what this story (without spoilers) obviously is about! Oh talking about game page i dunno if that's a word play but it's "Minors" not Minours no hate tho!

Either way i will check out the updates and good luck ^^


I already didn't trust "Axel" because of their scary vampire looking teeth and those scary static eyes in the menu lol. And the obvious fact that there are trigger warnings XD

Anyways we learned that we shouldn't buy androids supposedly resembling someone from a most likely sketchy seller!

I liked it ^^

It's a cool suspense game but one thing:

I think adding mental illnesses in that sort of context can be really harmful. Especially if you aren't informed enough. Them having OCD has nothing really to do with their creepy behavior and OCD is not about putting things away perfectly aka being a neat person/perfectionist. Some people can be really neat because of their OCD but the way they talked about it just makes it seem like you don't really know a lot and if you do it does give off the wrong impression of what OCD is like.

I would recommend anyone to rather keep it as a mystery in "horror circumstances" or use like a descriptive word that is not a mental condition like "yandere" for example which is someone being obsessed of a certain person. Just for the sake of not spreading misinformation i.e harming the community who already has to deal with a lot of wrong ideas of their condition and it wouldn't restrict you because you are kinda going with the flow letting you get inspired by x y personality patter or mental condition without trying to find an accurate word for it.

Well that's just a recommendation it's up to anyone what they do or not do with it. Either way i hope that i could've shared at least a different perspective 

I know this game is not new but it was just important for me to say ^^

Take care

I heard that this story is heavily inspired by you and i'm sorry to hear and i hope you are better now.

This spectral_apertif probably has some issues too but they let it out on you which isn't cool especially if that happened a lot. I hope they can get help/therapy or work through it without therapy little by little before going into another relationship because they were pretty toxic and gaslighting. Even if someone struggles they shouldn't let it out on someone! I'm not saying that it's easy or that it is possible for it to NEVER happen it's human for us to screw up but it's important to acknowledge it, apologize for it and really actively working on it with either a professional or maybe find a real life or online group where you can talk about that sort of things! Doing it all on your own is most likely not possible or kinda expect your partner to be your therapist ain't it either (There is a big difference between being a supporting and loving partner and always trying to help your partner cope i.e there is not an actually healthy romantic relationship it's mostly you/them helping and the other/you getting help from you/them).  And if the two latter are the case then maybe you aren't ready for a romantic relationship just yet. NOT including friendships, and people who support you in general YA'LL DESERVE TO BE LOVED but i mean a long and lasting relationship takes effort. After a while you get out of the "honymoon phase" and at that point (even before too but crucial at this point) you have to really work together and such to make it long/"forever" lasting. But there is a saying "You can't pour from an empty cup" which means you can't give if you don't take care of yourself first (a healthy relationship is about give and take and if one is doing too much or too little it won't work out well because you or your partner will feel overwhelmed, guilty or neglected most likely if it feel one sided)

Sorry for the long ramble XD

I also wasn't trying to be the "i think i know how every relationship works" dating advice person. There are always exceptions in everything. This perspective wasn't one of someone who dates and kinda assumes that they know it all just because of dating experiences. It was more of someone who is interested in psychology, human behavior/patterns and who also informs themselves about what it takes for long lasting relationships (because that is possible even science says so!). And i kinda used that general knowledge because we all are humans and have most likely similar needs. But don't let that discourage you or anything because again nothing can be fix black or white (nothing even is black or white if we are being honest)

Uff i kept rambling -,- i at least hope people who bothered to read it have understood what i meant XD

Take care ^^

This guy kinda looks pretty young how old is he?

Curious ^^

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Not me ditching all of them for the Cat (called them Kitkat) XD

Kitkat is the real one!

Edit: But i did enjoy all of them Opheila gotta love the arrogant (not the really mocking ones tho) ones ^^

Funny how quickly someone can change their motives 

There is nothing wrong with breaking up with someone. That doesn't make them a coward if anything the opposite because some people stay in relationships they don't enjoy because of FOMO or other things. It's better for both people if someone feels like not continuing their relationship to break up since relationships are a two way street

Have you also made a load and save option now if i may ask. This game did have a lot of choices and it was kinda annoying always restarting the whole game for different paths ^^