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Labyrinth City

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Thank you for your message! We might put the game on sale on in the future, but it is not certain for now (something to do with our publishing agreement).

In any case, we'll update people here if/when there is a change to that!


The game will come out on PC on June 22 on Steam, and a little later for Nintendo Switch and mobile (but this Summer no matter what)

Hey there! Sorry for the late reply.

No need to apologize for your "rant", as we completely understand your frustration and we knew that US players would be particularly pleased with our decision. On the contrary, we are glad that you share your opinion with us :)

First of all, be assured that we didn’t make the decision lightly: It was sure to backfire, especially this late into the festival, after announcing our participation. The thing is, we felt that it was better to face the ire of players regarding the non-participation rather than alienate them because of some flaws, real or otherwise. The state of the English localization was, frankly speaking, bad and considering that the game was, at the time, scheduled for release the month following the festival, we decided to pull out, and rethink our launch schedule to propose a final version that was every bit the game we wanted to release in the first place. Hence a lot of postponing and lack of communications on our part. Polishing the game has been more arduous than we first thought, but we are happy to tell that the final version will be everything that we envisioned when first deciding to make Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective!

Sim! O jogo é baseado em uma série de livros! Se você gosta desse tipo de livro, você * deveria * aproveitar o jogo

(também, desculpe pelo português ruim, não falamos no estúdio, então estamos usando o Google Translate)

Quite bad, but we will put the demo back online in a bit (not sure yet when), so people can enjoy the game (and it will be a very close to final version, so all dialogues will have been added and polished. It will also be available in all languages). Hope you’ll give it a shot :D

Thank you!

Thank you for your words and good luck with your own project! Looking forward to seeing your game :D

Thank you!

We are hitting a little snag with the game currently, but we aim for a release in May/June ><

Thank you for your patience!

Thank you! Yes, we are a team! The artwork (the maps) is from a Japanese illustration studio called IC4DESIGN. They are the ones behind the Pierre the Maze Detective children’s book series, and they are very (VERY) talented.

Our team is dedicated to animation and programming, so we sliced the maps and characters, created the animations, populated the levels, crafted the interactions, wrote the dialogues, prepared the cutscenes, and devised the code of the game.

To give you a better understanding of who we are, our studio is specializing in animation and video (we work on documentaries before, and we also produce a French children TV series), so that is the part that we focused on for Labyrinth City. We have previously launched 2 games (Californium and Homo Machina), and both also revolve around books. Californium accompanied a documentary on Philip K. Dick, while Home Machina is more of the ancestor of Labyrinth City in the sense that we animated a book about the human body by author Fritz Kahn (he is considered the father of modern infographics, because his art is very visual).

We have been working on Labyrinth City for the better part of 2 years almost. The project started in 2019, but the bulk of the work on programming and animation happened in 2020.


Thank you for your kind words!

We might translate the game into PT-BR later on, when that is confirmed, we’ll definitely let you know!

Hahaha thank you for the kind words! Hope you will enjoy the full game once it is released!

Hahahah agreed!

Thank you! <3

Sorry, didn’t see your message earlier!

The game will be available on PC, Switch, iOS and Android, and *possibly* Mac and Playstation

Hahahahah I am enjoying your playing of the demo! So, there is indeed no sound in the main menu in this version, but it’s been added since then, no fear!

There will be an iOS version for sure, and the Mac version is still under discussion, but is very likely to happen :D

Hahahaha yes! The game does have a similar style to the Usborne books!

The demo is not available yet, but we plan on making it public before launch so more people can try it out :)

Thank you!

Дякую за добрі слова. Рівні ускладнюються, чим більше ви прогресуєте, тому останні кілька рівнів повинні бути трохи складнішими :)

Крім того, вибачте за переклад, ми не розмовляємо українською, тому доводиться користуватися Google Translate ><

Aaaw thanks a lot for the kind words and the feature!

Also, WASD do not work in that version, but support has been added since then :)

Haha that’s awesome! We hope you enjoyed the first level as much as the second one!

Sorry for the late reply. A Mac version is being discussed, it is not 100% sure yet, but we’ll be sure to update everyone if we decide to do it!

Haha we do have a mobile version coming up as well, so she might! (And the game does look real good on a phone/tablet screen. It’s full of colors!)

We are currently discussing the possibility of porting the game to PlayStation ;)

Thanks for the kind words!

We are coming to Switch in May or June 2021 (exact date yet to be confirmed), and we are also looking into other consoles, but nothing sure yet.

We’ll definitely let people know once we get any certainty :)

Click on the image above to come say hi in our Discord server and get an exclusive Mazerunner with an Itch role!


Not sure exactly how to write this post or introduce the game, so I’ll post the link first if you don’t want to read everything:

Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective is an adventure/puzzle game set in the hand-drawn mazes of the namesake children book series created by the talented artists at IC4DESIGN, a Japanese illustration studio. They create very intricate, colorful and eye-catching scenes that teem with details and eccentric characters.

The game will have you play as Pierre, the detective, who must finds his way out of each maze to catch Mr X, a notorious thief that stole a magic stone. Each level will contain minigames/puzzles, hidden objects, collectable stars and items, etc. and several other game modes (time attack, etc.). On your way out, you will be able to interact with many, MANY items and characters.

The demo only showcases the first 2 levels, and lacks some features and optimizations, so expect some quirks! That being said, it is still very representative of the experience provided by the final game once it is out.

NOTE: WASD do not work as of now, the feature will be added later. Use of a controller is recommended to play the game.

Please give us any feedback in the comments on the game page or in our Discord (link at the top of the game page)

Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective is scheduled to launch in March 2021 on Steam.

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Hello everyone and welcome to Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective page!

Demo of the first two levels of the game is online! Download the archive and extract it to wherever you wish on your computer (C:\Users\Admin\Desktop, for instance), and navigate to the .exe file to launch the demo.

Please note that it is still a work in progress, so expect some quirks!

If you enjoy Labyrinth City or have any question about the game or the demo, you can join our Discord here: