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I enjoyed it :) I like the little hearts when I deliver the presents

Warning for other players: there seems to be a bug where if you set a package down atop another package the two packages become one (or at least occupy the same space) and render the game unwinnable. So avoid doing that. It is a game jam game so don't expect a bug free experience.

Thank you that worked great. The new version is wonderful. Thank you very much for making it.

Wonderful game. I enjoyed this game more than some $20 games. I did make it to the second to last level before I realized that the bread gave me health, but the game feel of this game is so good; that I didn't mind replaying the begining levels in attempt to get health further down to the later levels. (I was on a run to see if 1000 hearts gave me health to see if that gave me full health or something, when I realized that bread gives you health)

The particle effects are so good. Thank you for making this enjoyable game.

After the update, I am getting this error on launch:

The application cannot be installed due to a certificate problem.  The certificate does not match the installed application certificate, does not support application upgrades, or is invalid.  Please contact the application author.

I tried pressing the reinstall button on the itch client. Suggestions on how to fix this? Should I uninstall completely and then reinstall?

If you find the phonex enough times, then it will join you

I beat the demo. I look forwards to someday buying the game ^^

Oh, in that case I will add it to my wistlist. Thank you for the reply

thanks :)

:) Best of luck

The music and cinimatic quality is amazing. Saddly, the lack of infinite continues ruins the game for me; I don't want so play the exact same easy first level over and over. Now I haven't played shoot'em up games much at all so I am likely quite bad at them but I enjoy a challange. (I even enjoy permadeath is rougelikes). I really enjoy the visuals, music, and mystery but being forced to play the same begining part over and over just so that I can try a different part makes the game unfun in the worse sort of way where I feel tempted to keep playing even though playing makes me miserable. So I guess I am just not in your target market. I was really hoping that I could add this to the list of games I want to buy some day when I am no longer a student. The music and style are just so good. Best of luck with your game

The game looks pretty. I didn't games like this when I was young but I do watch a lot of retrospectives, and I could totally see this being some obscure platformer I never heard of. If you make a full version you might want to make the decending platforms a bit slower to decend, because I found them a bit frusterating particularly since they are at the bottom of the level, where bad players (like me) fall. Though perhaps your goal is for the super hard kids game like I have heard some of the platformers from the 90s were.  I found this game engading enough to play the entire level even though this style of platforming isn't really my thing. I hope you do well in your course.

I can't seem to jump high enough to jump over that very first 2 block high jump. Though perhaps, I am just over looking something obvious. I appreciate that I can actually run this unity game without laging out my ~5year old machine