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The music and cinimatic quality is amazing. Saddly, the lack of infinite continues ruins the game for me; I don't want so play the exact same easy first level over and over. Now I haven't played shoot'em up games much at all so I am likely quite bad at them but I enjoy a challange. (I even enjoy permadeath is rougelikes). I really enjoy the visuals, music, and mystery but being forced to play the same begining part over and over just so that I can try a different part makes the game unfun in the worse sort of way where I feel tempted to keep playing even though playing makes me miserable. So I guess I am just not in your target market. I was really hoping that I could add this to the list of games I want to buy some day when I am no longer a student. The music and style are just so good. Best of luck with your game

For what it's worth, the full game has stage select that allows you to start from any stage you've reached so far. Extra continues can be earned as well, however they're still limited.

Oh, in that case I will add it to my wistlist. Thank you for the reply

I beat the demo. I look forwards to someday buying the game ^^