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The game looks pretty. I didn't games like this when I was young but I do watch a lot of retrospectives, and I could totally see this being some obscure platformer I never heard of. If you make a full version you might want to make the decending platforms a bit slower to decend, because I found them a bit frusterating particularly since they are at the bottom of the level, where bad players (like me) fall. Though perhaps your goal is for the super hard kids game like I have heard some of the platformers from the 90s were.  I found this game engading enough to play the entire level even though this style of platforming isn't really my thing. I hope you do well in your course.


Hi, thank you for trying it out and thanks for all the feedback. I think I might actually start from scratch if I ever decide to make a full version, so I shall definitely consider your points and try to make the game more accessible. :)

:) Best of luck

Thanks :)