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Steak you sussy imposter!

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Thank you for the feedback. The game doesn't have many active players because it s at the bottom of the list.

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We are sorry for the inconvenience, the game is a prototype, at first you should find a box that starts a dialogue in a blank, not so lighted room, after you hear the dialogue there is an you leave the room, seeing buttons, interact with those buttons to read some narration. Thx for the feedback and please reconsider playing after the mini-tutorial we gave you

Thank you for the feedback, yeah we are doing our bests to make the game better and likeable :)

Thank you for your feedback and for playing our game!

Thanks for the feedback, there was a monitor next to you that told you what to do in a more story-ish way.

Thanks for playing our game!


Thank you.

Thanks for playing our game

Thank you a lot!

Thank you

Thanks for playing our game!

Thanks for your feedback, we will take notice!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you for playing our game

Thanks for playing our game, Cheers!

Thanks for the feedback, we are glad you liked it.

Well you better be a good person or you might end up in this game XD, just kidding. thx for the positive comment

We thank you for this feedback, we love to hear that you enjoy the game.

Thanks for the feedback, I used a real flame can/flamethrower to make it maybe the sound was distorted by my mic.