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Hey, sorry for the slow reply, that is indeed what the art is supposed to look like. The book has both full color art and sketchbook-style pieces.

Thank you so much for the effort and thought that went into this!
(and it a little bit made my day)

I didn't receive it, I'll be sending you an email shortly! Thanks!

Hi! I didn't get your address, so I'll be sending an email shortly about that. Sorry! We'll get you the book asap 😊

I'd like to include Sundown in this bundle!

Thank you! We're glad you like it!

Yeah, I didn't even know this was an option. Just making this route a little more official and usable is what I was asking for.

Oh no,

Yes all of that would be lovely, but

What I mean is the ability for me to keep stock at my home, take orders for them on itch, and then ship them myself. I'm just asking that itch could be a portal for handling that information - tagging a sale as a physical item sale, giving me the purchaser's address, and prompting me to ship product to them.

The two previous comments really nail everything, but I'd like to repeat: I know it might be a big ask, but being able to sell print copies of our games, meaning physical books, boxed boardgames, etc, would be very helpful!

Grasswatch Games is still looking for a store front through which we can sell our own copies of Sundown (as opposed to a service like Indie Press Revolution, which only lists stock that you ship to their warehouse) and having that option on itch would be amazing.

Thank you!!