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In addition to posting on the itch boards, anyone looking to collaborate on a 7DRL with others who have complementary skill sets can consider checking out or posting in the r/RoguelikeDev thread (includes a Discord link, too).

Looks cool, I wanted to play this for one of my 7DRL streams since Get Well Soon ended up getting pretty high marks from reviewers, but unfortunately every time I open it up on Windows 10 the contents of the game are larger than the window itself, so I can't see the abilities at the bottom or the right side of the map. (Also tried compatibility mode with Windows 7, same thing.)

4067 as the Rogue (first win so far). Fun game, really well executed!

Nope, though like it's predecessor it works perfectly in Wine (I specifically fixed the few bugs that originally could occur under Wine, and its stability and polish are on par with running it under Windows itself).

Thanks! It did turn out pretty fun, and I feel that at its heart the 7DRL event is all about experimentation and innovation. Always plenty of interesting things that come out of it each year :D

And a win! I streamed POLYBOT-7 this morning and apparently made enough right decisions :P. Seems pretty balanced overall :) 

Another video, this one by regular Cogmind player nuzcraft:  

I've only just started using recently as part of the 7DRL game jam, and this site just continues to amaze me with how great it is. Feels like such a great experience both as a dev and player!

For anyone looking for a longer gameplay video, check out Nookrium's 20-minute run. He tried out POLYBOT-7 right after it came out, and has played a bit of Cogmind before:

I'll probably be streaming some of it myself eventually as well, and upload the results to my YouTube channel, but have to finish writing my in-depth 7DRL postmortem for the blog first :)