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Haha oops, alrighty then good to know, thanks!

One of my favorites from 7DRL 2023--excellent job putting together this experience! The mechanics are fairly complex for a 7drl and it can take a while to learn how to play well (or figure out what's going on at all :P), but thanks for providing all the info that made it easier to get into it, because once everything clicks it does start to get interesting indeed. I like how different mixes of enemies in each room or corridor can create more dangerous situations to be on the lookout for, and the fact that most can pass through walls makes that even more interesting. Although naturally the process of clearing a floor might get a little repetitive strategically speaking since you have to keep fighting all the same enemies again and again until the rifts are closed, I'm sure more content (and maybe some more mechanical tweaks?) will help solve that should you continue to work on it. (Timestamp for the beginning of when I was streaming this for the first time.)

This was pretty easy to win but the atmosphere is great, and it's always nice to see more nonviolent themes being explored.

Looks like you added a new version with more enemies and adjustments since I streamed it earlier this week (timestamp), which I imagine make it even better, though I don't see any specific dev log about it so am curious what they are :)

Hehe, the reverse engineering was inevitable xD

I guess it's good to know that the progression is more or less in line with what was observed and predicted (and assumed in some cases, without further testing :P).

I do like the idea of the soft locks, and less favorable mapgen in general, which would start to force more resource use and clever tactics. As is it was mostly a case of brute forcing every map emphasizing the low-danger route to make decent enough progress every time. I kept expecting it to suddenly start to get noticeably harder, but... that challenge never seemed to materialize!

Good work though, enjoyable for a 7drl :)

Wow. Just wow. One of my favorite 7DRLs from this year! Taking the time to carefully read through all the help text was definitely an important step towards not getting annihilated too quickly, but it was pretty obvious this game was going to be fairly complicated so I made sure to do that :P. On that note, Decker could definitely use a contextual tutorial to help folks get into it, but clearly that's outside the scope of a 7DRL that already has so many mechanics. Great depth here.

For anyone else who's interested in getting into it, I did a stream of my first experience with Decker, and illiux (the dev) happened to be there that day with us in chat, since we hang out on the same Discord server / dev community. Here's a timestamp where we begin and are learning about the mechanics, and the actual gameplay ended up being in a different video after the stream connection was lost for a moment xD

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Pretty! That was certainly enough to suck me in and get me to stream it (timestamp), in addition to it clearly being turn-based :D

I felt the turns are a bit slow, and the deck-based mechanics had some aspects that weren't fully apparent at first, with deckbuilding also feeling like perhaps not the most effective way to implement these mechanics, but it still offers some challenge in figuring out the most efficient way to proceed. Seems tough to have much hope of actually reaching a campsite with much time remaining, too, if you want to gather any other resources, that is :)

I did like the idea of being able to take multiple different approaches depending on the animal behavior and your available cards, and there's a pretty decent foundation for something bigger here if you all want to keep working on it. (See my stream for more commentary, and that of some others in chat etc.)

Neat entry! Was fun to discover the different loot items, and also check out the variants in parenthesis, while figuring out how to maximize benefits for minimal danger. Although on the easy side overall with relatively low pressure throughout, that's generally a good approach for a 7drl, though it wasn't too hard to win without even using any knives/barricades except to see how they work. Some mechanics weren't very clear, like whether the benefits of your purchases lasted more than one map, or stacked, or were gradually overcome by increasing danger over time... I recorded my stream (timestamp) if you're interested in seeing it played with fresh eyes and plenty of commentary :)

Ooh okay yeah maybe I should :)

Certainly would be faster the second time around, not having to also figure out the mechanics and second guess every potential move, and I had some more questions to answer anyway...

Great to hear! And yeah we never really figured out the effect of any of the stats aside from the first. "Won" the first run (eliminated all named opponents) so didn't exactly experiment a whole lot, but did run a dedicated separate pilot at the end there to try to figure out what the others do and... couldn't tell :P

Broughlikes aren't usually my thing, but this one really drew me in with the combination of theme (nice job!!!) and using your attack abilities as protection as well, while also being forced to upgrade to new abilities over time (to be honest this really reminded me of a core gameplay loop in my own game, even though it's a more traditional roguelike :P). I got an 86 on my first run, which I streamed and talked through here for about an hour and a half, showing my first experience with your game. Nice 7DRL, 10/10 would play a knife-wielding mapgpie of death again.

I loved this entry.  There's plenty of room for QoL and more features (will that be happening?), but this is already a good 7DRL overall. I had a bunch more specific remarks during my stream of Cravespace a couple days ago (timestamp). Also that music is great, surprisingly catchy and it doesn't get annoying despite being the same track throughout.

An attractive game so that much definitely got my attention to try it out. Thank goodness for the chroma toggle button though, because playing with that filter on would not have lasted very long at all--I thought the pixel art looked fine without a using a shader that makes me feel like I badly need glasses xD. The general idea seems neat, though I've played similar "draw-your-party-paths" mobile games before and was hoping for a little more tactical depth here, but maybe it gets there after level 5? I encountered some input bugs and twice had to restart due to the game hanging, and the performance degraded pretty noticeably level by level (which also impacted input speed/effectiveness). Either way, a good start and presentation worth exploring beyond 7drl, I think! (my experience was recorded here if interested: timestamp.)

This game rocks. Best of the several stealth offerings I've played among the 7DRLs this year so far. It has the most interactive mechanics, decent challenge and strategy, looks great, too. And that's even with the bits that apparently could've been expanded more (like alternative missions), but it's a really nice intro to what this game could be if you decide to take it further. Any plans for that? I like the look of that list of things you'd considered... (For reference, I recorded my experience with One Step here: timestamped link.)

This one sure had me going WTF for a little while :P

Lotta good traditional mechanics in here (some people in the stream were really surprised at the quantity!), so at least having a background in the genre made that part easy to work with, but figuring out exactly what was going on between the different worlds took some time! The run got gradually more and more interesting (I recorded the stream here), and later on I'd love to do another from scratch given everything that was learned along the way (ended up getting only one character past level 10). Probably could've used some more tips perhaps about how the world-mixing works, although maybe figuring it out is intended as part of the adventure...

This one is really well done, one of my favorites. Resources are tight, but it's very winnable and has a nice atmosphere. Making the best of passenger abilities to help safely grab junk to fund the journey was neat, and now I'm wondering if I should do more playthroughs to discover if there are more potential companions out there... I had three with me at the end, and even had an empty seat when I made it to the ocean, but I ended up winning that first run so I'm not sure if there are more options to uncover. (I recorded the run on stream: timestamped link.) It was interesting to see you can have up to nine seats?!

I had fun with it, though played almost entirely to the end before learning that you can leap anytime you want, including to outrun pursuers, or simply past them, which makes it a *lot* easier. Good choice for making a 7drl more finishable though--more balance can come with any future updates :)

I liked the mapgen, and especially playing without rampant leaping there were some good tactical moments. Special ending music is also really fun :D (overall good audio in general! rare for a 7drl to have a bunch of voiced content...)

For anyone who might be interested I checked it out recently on stream: timestamped link.

Very well done, a favorite among the 15+ 7drls I've tried so far this year. I love how you translated the Rift Wizard concept into this much more lighthearted theme :D. I did a video of my experience with it as well - timestamped link.

Love me some minesweeper, nice take :)

One thing I encountered playing was filling up all three keys, then killing yet another Mightey and having the monster counter for them drop to "x-1", not sure if that's intended or not. Also there's a typo in the help text out to the right for the first ability: "Ever if unrevealed."

In addition to posting on the itch boards, anyone looking to collaborate on a 7DRL with others who have complementary skill sets can consider checking out or posting in the r/RoguelikeDev thread (includes a Discord link, too).

Looks cool, I wanted to play this for one of my 7DRL streams since Get Well Soon ended up getting pretty high marks from reviewers, but unfortunately every time I open it up on Windows 10 the contents of the game are larger than the window itself, so I can't see the abilities at the bottom or the right side of the map. (Also tried compatibility mode with Windows 7, same thing.)

4067 as the Rogue (first win so far). Fun game, really well executed!

Nope, though like it's predecessor it works perfectly in Wine (I specifically fixed the few bugs that originally could occur under Wine, and its stability and polish are on par with running it under Windows itself).

Thanks! It did turn out pretty fun, and I feel that at its heart the 7DRL event is all about experimentation and innovation. Always plenty of interesting things that come out of it each year :D

And a win! I streamed POLYBOT-7 this morning and apparently made enough right decisions :P. Seems pretty balanced overall :) 

Another video, this one by regular Cogmind player nuzcraft:  

I've only just started using recently as part of the 7DRL game jam, and this site just continues to amaze me with how great it is. Feels like such a great experience both as a dev and player!

For anyone looking for a longer gameplay video, check out Nookrium's 20-minute run. He tried out POLYBOT-7 right after it came out, and has played a bit of Cogmind before:

I'll probably be streaming some of it myself eventually as well, and upload the results to my YouTube channel, but have to finish writing my in-depth 7DRL postmortem for the blog first :)