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Oh, certainly! I like fanart of all my OCs!

Whoops, I knew I forgot something in the tutorial! The new coin will replace the rightmost coin in the bottommost row, just like in MIE. In that last example, it would appear in the bottom right corner, thankfully continuing the chain.

Yay, first gameplay video I've seen (that wasn't made by me)! Thanks, for both the video and pointing out that the time caps at 9:59.99 - I'll have to fix that in the next update.

I'd like to contribute my social distancing cheerleader sim Go Morse Go! to the bundle.

Yeah, the last day of development of this game was mostly spent trying to get a sub-minute run on it. Although, that was a 0% run - surely, there's a faster any% route, but I haven't looked for it yet.

Thanks! If there's anything that GBJam taught me, it's that severely limiting your color palette can yield great results (as well as speed up asset production). As for the engine, I used HaxeFlixel - it's a pretty versatile library that I've used to make every game on my page so far.

I'm working on a game called Sneks Fiend. It's sorta like Bayonetta meets the intro level of Castlevania SOTN. Lots of chalice throwing, stomping, and people getting wrapped up in snakes. I have a lot of catching up to do, since I only started last Wednesday, but the only big things missing now are actual enemy patterns and a way to spend those green orbs (I'm thinking something like the merchant from RE4, but only wearing that coat).

Thanks - this game was made over the course of one week, so there was a lot of content I wanted to include but didn't have the time for. I definitely want to return to this game at some point and add that stuff, though.

Thanks - I made an update this afternoon that increases difficulty over time. Eventually, the enemies spawn twice as fast, and the warning time for lasers gets cut in half.

The enemies also explode into stardust now, but that doesn't really affect the difficulty one way or the other.

HaxeFlixel - It's like Flixel, but exports to targets other than Flash, which is useful in 2016.