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Thanks!! :>

I'm glad you liked it!! (^u^)

Thanks, I am very proud of that ending. And yeah, I am not that good with art, so I tried my best with basic shapes, I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for playing!!

That's cool. Thanks for playing!

Thanks!, I really wanted to make that feeling of being a towering behemoth, so I'm glad you liked it!  :>

Really!? :0, now I have to try getting it!

Same!, I thought "huh, this is very easy",  it then hit me with the "0 bug saved" and I realized my mistake. The game is actually hard when you need to destroy the vehicles while also trying to not kill the bugs yourself. My record was 8 bugs saved!

Nice game! I loved the concept, and controlling the dragon feels really good. I would love to see a score system. I think making  the fire breath bar more visible would be nice. Also, making you go to the princess to recharge was a really good idea, it made me feel that she was more involved. I got sad from the inevitable ending were I couldn't defend her :c

Pretty good game overall!!

I liked the idea of being a princess and keeping knights from "rescuing" you. A suggestion I have is adding different things aside from carrots to throw and make it so knights having different combination of objects that you need to defeat them. Aside from that I would also recommend adding a bar to see in how much time the carrots will grow, similar to the knights' bar.  Anyways, great idea for a game!

Awesome puzzle game with a really good art style.  I got a bit stumped on level 7, but I managed to beat it. I would consider adding a key for resetting. Also, I loved the end screen, so cute!!!

As other people said, I think it should indicate where the heroes will spawn, they spawned on my chest twice. I still think this game has a lot of potential, and I would totally play this again if the problems get fixed. Nice game nonetheless!

Thanks!, the player AI was the hardest thing to do, I'm glad it came out good (^u^)

Thankss! <3

Awesome presentation!, and also pretty funny game. The only thing I guess where that controlling the ambulance was a bit hard.

Cool game!, I escaped in 236 seconds.

Funniest game I played so far in the jam

Nice game! Really creative concept and wonderful presentation. I loved how the trainer seem so proud when you followed her commands. I think it would be nice having more commands that the trainer could say. Still, this is an awesome game!!

I liked the game. The concept of having an army that follows you and that you can command is cool. I think adding a mini map showing the positions of the adventurer, the houses and the mines would add a lot to the experience. Also, I loved the art! 

Really fun and creative game!

charming game (^u^)

Really fun game. I struggle with the last boss a lot, but in the end I could beat him. I also really like the overkill mechanich. I had a blast playing!

I would be nice some kind of timer/visual indicatinon of how much time does the player has to play their cars. Cute game :D

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I really liked this game, I wish it was longer and had more cards. Awesome game!<3 

Super fun game!!, i just wish it was longer

My record wa 48! :>

Very clever game, playing it was awesome (^ u ^)

Thanks! <3

My highscore was 5, it was really hard!

I wasn't really good at the game, but it still was super fun!

My highscore was 5. Fun game!

Nice game!

Sound effects and maybe more balancing. Thanks for playing! (^u^)

Thanks for the feedback! (^u^)

Nice "game", I had a good laugh.

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My High Score was 8!

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I'm not that good with words, but my highscore was 5889 after a few times. Fun game!

Edit: Now is 6166 (^u^)

I search for the first game submitted and I wasn't dissapointed, had a great laugh

Fun and clever game!