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Really fun game. I struggle with the last boss a lot, but in the end I could beat him. I also really like the overkill mechanich. I had a blast playing!

I would be nice some kind of timer/visual indicatinon of how much time does the player has to play their cars. Cute game :D

I loved the idea of a tower defense where the placement of the towers affect the route of the enemies. I also loved the deckbuilding and rogulike aspects. Everything in this game was perfect. Thanks for the awesome game! <3

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I really liked this game, I wish it was longer and had more cards. Awesome game!<3 

Super fun game!!, i just wish it was longer

My record wa 48! :>

Very clever game, playing it was awesome (^ u ^)

Thanks! <3

My highscore was 5, it was really hard!

I wasn't really good at the game, but it still was super fun!

My highscore was 5. Fun game!

Nice game!

Sound effects and maybe more balancing. Thanks for playing! (^u^)

Thanks for the feedback! (^u^)

Nice "game", I had a good laugh.

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My High Score was 8!

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I'm not that good with words, but my highscore was 5889 after a few times. Fun game!

Edit: Now is 6166 (^u^)

I search for the first game submitted and I wasn't dissapointed, had a great laugh

Fun and clever game!


Best game I've played in the Jam so far! 

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Not sure if I understood everything, but it was fun playing! (^u^)

Awesome game! <3

I really enjoyed this game! (^u^)

A little bit hard, but cool game!

I would have liked to know how much base strenght do i have, but overall I really liked the game.

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Oh, I don't have a desktop computer to try it on. Do you have any idea on why it isn't working or how to fixed it? Either way thanks you for telling me. 

Edit: I think i fixed it

Nice!, my highscore was 4800 after playing for a while

Nice game!, I liked the concept and the dialogue of Dr. Flips was awesome.

This was such a good game!, I loved playing it

cool game

Damn, Industrial Revolution hits hard. Cool game by the way.

charming (°u°)

this looks like a cool minigame, i just wish i had someone to play with me though

At first I didn't knew I could shoot and thought the game was to hard

Sorry, I was a little busy with other things, but I finally uploaded it again.

nice game

Oh, my bad. I think I've fixed it now. Thanks either way.