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Yeahh, one of my mistakes was not having a tutorial that introduces the shop or basic player mechanics. It really shows me how important having a tutorial is, as without it, the player can go through the whole game not realizing certain features and mechanics even exists. Major mistake from my part!

The grapple was added in last minute, as I wanted to add even more to the game, but I knew I wouldnt have time the whole last day of the jam. Its definitely not polished and Im not really happy with it. The way it works is that you have to aim the mouse in the direction of the object you want to grapple to (either baloon or an enemy) and continue to hold C all the way through - kind of terrible from an user experience standpoint, but I really wanted to get it done by the end of the jam 😅. 

My idea was that the player would have to balance the baloon as not to go too low (sink) and not to go too high (face potential danger of meteors killing you), so stay somewhere in between and be safe. All of that while facing the danger of more and more enemies charging at you. Perhaps the meteors were a bit too easy to dodge?

Thank you for trying the game out and the much appreciated feedback!

Thank you very much for these kind words!

Thank you!

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Looking for something less serious, a quick little hobby game to make together and most importantly have a fun time.

My discord is: Le#5143

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Thanks! The whole game is supposed to match the BPM of the song. But yeah, it didn't come out pretty enjoyable :D


Yeah, the controls could use a little bit of tweaking. Thanks for the kind words!

I'm pretty sure the times are always displayed in ur time zone

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Hi there! I was hoping to team up with an artist on discord, come up with ideas and work on the game together

The game would preferably be made in Godot 3.5 as that's the engine I'm most comfortable with

My timezone is GMT+1

My work is publicly available on github

If you're interested, please hit me up on discord leszy#6842

haha i love the music :D

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That's a problem I was trying to figure out, right now the HTML5 exports of the game seem to work only with chromium-based browsers and that is unfortunately the result of a not completely finished feature of the engine I've used (Godot 4.0 beta 8). Sorry, I will know better now

Very cool and well executed idea, i like it :D