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Hi Ray!
Of course, done. :D

It's always cool to watch other people play your games so thanks!

"Dhalsim vs", that might actually be a better fitting name for the game than Arms hahaha

We had some problems and we didn't have time for most of the stuff you point out.
Knowing which fighter is yours can be pretty confusing (we didn't even change the gloves color...).
There is an slowdown mechanic (when your fists collide with your enemy fists) but we didn't do any different visual feedback for this so it's not easy to understand,
There is also a simple health and recovering system underneath that is totally invisible for players.

But well, that is what happens in game jams! And it is a part of the jam developing charm, so I am glad you liked it anyways :D

The challenge is just in that sweet spot where you can do it after losing a couple of lifes (or continues in places like level 8), but you end up hating so much those damn green ghosts.

Everything is really really polished, so great game! 5 stars in every aspect.

Some little bug I discovered on my first run: if you create a hole at the side of a level (just by the end), fall in it and move to the side (going to the other side of the level) you get stuck without being able to do anything. Everything else was absolutely perfect!

I was laughing out loud for real from the moment I left the tree. Great game and ending!

Absolutely loved this! Great game! The crazy animations and art style were the best, but everything else was also well made.

Love the art coherence and style. Great funny bits and ending. No one would say this has been done in just a weekend if it weren't for how short it is! Nice job!

I'm really impressed at what you accomplished with so little time! Great visuals, funny idea and even a little chicken AI. Awesome job!

The idea is simple but it is really cool. The dialogue is not something very surprising but makes the game much better even if the game is a little slow. Good job on making something that feels right with just the little time we had!

When the game is loading it starts hogging RAM until my explorer (Firefox on Windows btw) crashes. It seem like I won't be able to try it or rate it D:

This game was really good! You did an awesome job creting this in 72 hours!

I loved how helping animals was always something good, but I felt a little bit sad about how the king wouldn't smile even after taking his kingdom to a new golden era.

Congratulations to all the participants for the great games! But congratulations and thanks to the organization and the sponsors too for making this possible!

Had a great time! See you in the next one! :D