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Octrons Challenge-Reloaded

#iOS exclusive kids #science game

Launching August 2020 at #PlayNYC, New York gaming convention

Introducing SpaceGirl character to motivate girls for STEM

Honoring 21 World Scientists - the SuperHeros of Humanity

Be a #ScienceSuperHero

Join the battle against the Evil Dr.Octron to save the World of Science

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Team @kunialabs launches Octrons Challenge - Reloaded on #PlayNYC #NewYork premier gaming convention

Checkout for detailed schedule on 10 August 2020

#iOS exclusive kids science game

Honoring 21 world scientists #ScienceSuperHero

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β™₯️ NYC Level Teaser Promo First Look πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²

Octrons Challenge - Reloaded

Launching August 2020

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β™₯️ NewYork πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²

Mobile Game Launch August 2020

iOS Exclusive fun science game for kids πŸš€

Be a Science Superhero 🦸

Join KAY (Science Hero) v the Evil Dr.Octron πŸ”₯

Octrons Challenge - Reloaded 

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❀️ New York

First look BG-  Mission New York -  Level in Octrons Challenge - Reloaded πŸš€

Dr. Octrons strikes back at the World of Science .

KAY (Science Hero) has to lead the forces of resistance.

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Major game update on iOS and Android including :

Refreshed Fire & Forget Projectiles

New character Health indication for easy gameplay

Learning Assist at start of game for ease of game control use.

Mission Levels Graded for smooth player progres look

New alien enemy behaviour visual and audio

All the very best to our Science SuperHeros to defeat Dr.Octron and save the World of Science

Dr.Octron strikes back.

Calling all SuperHero's !!!

Join KAY and rescue the World of Science.

Launching Soon Only on iOS

Octrons Challenge - Reloaded

Register NOW for exclusives at

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Octrons Challenge - Reloaded

Launching Soon

Elated to share #OctronsChallenge game  launch featured by #indiegamereporter .

Thanks πŸ‘

#indiedev #indiegame #indiegames #gamedev #games #sidescroller #SuperHero #runner 

V happy to share our first Unity game , Octrons Challenge, was shortlisted in a global Twitter indie event #PitchYaGame Round 1 .

The Twitter online event was a record breaking hit on Twitter with 25 Million timeline deliveries.

This success has given us the impetus to release our next Unity game . 

Watch this space for more details 

Founder - KuniaLabs

Octrons Challenge - Mission World is a race against time to collect the Jewels of Science and defeat the Evil Dr. Octron

Mission World takes 'KAY' across New Delhi, Dubai, London, New York .

An ultra fast paced Fight or Flight with Fire & Forget Projectiles 

Unlimited Fun Guaranteed for the family in Arcade Style.

Designed by Parents & Educationists to spark Love for Science.

The adventure continues as Octron will strike back again !!

Features :

* Complete (im)possible missions and try to beat the clock 

* Fly and Zoom across world cities like New Delhi, Dubai, London, New York

 * Evade Octrons minnions who fire O-Rays and are determined to stop you 

* Collect Jewels of Science for each mission level

 * Simple Touch Fly controls 

* Custom Fire & Forget projectiles to stop Dr. Octron 

* Completely Free game, no Ads, no-In App Purchases, no Lootboxes, no collecting player data, no external links to websites    

* Family fun action adventure


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Octrons Challenge : Games inspire kids. Our attempt to spark love for Future Science, using mobile games

Octrons Challenge

Octrons Challenge

Background : Science hero 'KAY' destroys the Blackhole with his secret weapon

'KAY' v/s the Blackhole
KAY destroys the Blackhole with his secret weapon

The Evil 'Dr Octron'

The Evil 'Dr Octron' 

'IMAGIN' Planet
'IMAGIN' Planet

'KAY' - Science Hero : Front view
'KAY' - Science Hero : Front view