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Kubi :3

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well, the overlap thing was a thing i was trying to fix since the start of the game, but i noticed the game was hard already, so why not? not really idk how to fix that ;-;

Also thanks! >w<

U r going to regret boi, nah have fun ^w^

Oh thanks Jupi for playing! And sorry, i didn't mean to make it that hard, it's just that i didn't know what to add, and i lacked of time ^^

Sure, and thank u so much for playing! :D ( I'll be working for story mode also )

jajaja tenkiu xd

Sorry :P, i forgot the .exe file haha

intenta buscarlo de nuevo :u

Oh yay, thx for replying tho :3

Just askin' ^-^


No, it isn´t

Btw Internet Explorer for me xd

Que version tienes del juego ? Ademas en el inicio te ensañan a volar mas rapido, asi puedes esquivarlo

because you are in like 2 or 3 jams at the same time .-.

take your time to polish your game :)


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Mmmm, i need to ask, are you participating? because you have 1 month, and the game can look better than that ^^


excuse me, but are you spamming your game or just participating ?

Dude this is looking awesome! +10

oops, i forgot to say i use gamemaker8, so i don´t have surface_resize D:

Thanks!!! but it doesn´t requiere a surface, right?

is only one level? cuz i complete level one and it doesn´t appear level 2

My game was hard to make in only 3 days, but still completed it :D

if you don't want to download the .txt file here is

Atk Normal : Ctrl
Atk Up : Ctrl+UP (you can also attack ( dont release the button ) and press UP )
Jump : Up key
Shuriken : In air = Ctrl+up
Bomb : in air = Ctrl

thx! , i was thinking about using that too! but don't knowed how to apply it, you use gamemaker or you searched info?

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When you make the discord server, Please let me know .w.

Thx for reply! ;D, im using Gamemaker for making a game for da jam, i actually finded an optimized option to make an 64x64 and not an 64+ x 64+ , i will do it on fullscreen so it not reescale the sprites .w.

Hi ! :D it´s me again, actually...

I do not know how to make the screen 64x64 without it looking very small, so I can do the 128x128 game with the sprites rescaled?

Thx ! :D 

( i was looking for some games on your past jam and all are cool :) )

Hi .w.
i wanted to join your game jam , is actually an discord server ? :3

Thanks for your review Eelstrok, and for that of the button "click the button" it was supposed to be touched by your hand and not be shooted, but needed to change at last second :)

Hahahaha +100000

It's funny to play with friends!

It's simple, but good !

Why is this here? :/

stuck in lvl 8 , an amazing game !

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