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ViRUS.BAT [Devlog]

A topic by BladeSides created Aug 18, 2017 Views: 246 Replies: 10
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[All the updates to the game will be posted on Fridays here, till the jam ends of course]


The successor to the infamous SLiME.BAT.


Beginning Info:

SLiME.BAT was a game where you were casually browsing memes and suddenly a "slime" virus infected your computer. It was made for GC Jam 3 which was a 3-day jam. Of course the idea had potential and I really could not do anything in that time limit so I decided to remake the game.

Here's the game if you want to try it.


About the game:

Your PC is infected by a strange virus created by BladeSides. It has taken control of 5 folders. Looks like you need to open them and fight the viruses off.


1. Slimegore

Everything is sticky. Ew. You just need to survive for a while before the virus reveals itself.

2. Og'ster

This guy is tough and won't let back easily. Looks like you'll have to fight.

3. Mozert

Classical music can't be tough, can it?

4. MLG League

Need I say anything? Well, these guys are DANK.

5. BladeSides?!

Holy shit! This is the developer of the game. Yo' gonna get yo' a** kicked!



Arrow Keys/WASD - Movement

Shift/Backspace - Dash 

Space/Insert - Jump 

Ctrl/ The '/' Key or the '?' Key - Toggle Between Aiming Mode and Moving Mode 

Q/E or Page Up/Page Down - Aim higher/lower 

E/Enter - Interact 

Z/Delete - Shoot

*Please note that the info on this page may change during development*
PS: A giveaway will be announced on release which will give you keys to a minor update of this game "ViRUS.BAT - Golden Edition". There will be 50 keys and the game will cost 2$,  so feel free to join it. I may set that game for free if I win lol :p. It'll just contain Survival Mode and a few more changes, just to make you feel you supported the developer.

Update Log [18/8/2017]

  • Finished Menu.
  • Finished basic platformer mechanics, ladders
  • Made a LOT of pixel art.
  • Finished the music. Around 4 minutes of OST.
  • Brainstormed a basic outline for the game and all about the game.


A "Lot" of artwork.

An animated menu. Good old Windows XP days huh :D

I'm not really "ready" to show the gameplay screenshots as of today, because I've been implementing features instead of focusing on the art side of the gameplay. Like the main thing. It's not exactly "polished" yet, but I hope I'll show it to you next week :D.

Btw I probably won't work on 20th Aug, birthday :P.


Great Bro!


Dude this is looking awesome! +10


Another Friday! Sorry, but I didn't really accomplish much since I'm sick and I was switching between this project and another project :').

I hope you see that I did "something".

Sorry for the weak update, I hope the next week goes better :)


Right so, I hope you noticed some new things. I'm about to finish the basic mechanics so after that we can move to level design and stuff. See ya next week ;).


This week, I have a video for you guys!

Here's the info for those who didn't bother to watch it.


This was supposed to be released on Friday, but I won't be able available on Friday so here it is, only 3 days after the Week 3's update.

This is the first video to go public. More info on the game will be released later.
Peace Out.


That's what the video's info says ^_^


Another Friday! I have exams so a "bleh" update. Here's a gif since you people are too lazy to watch videos.


The demo is released now :)


Oh boy oh boy, it's literally been years! I have exams next month but(t) I have a lot of updates for you.


  • No need to spam the Z key (yay)!
  • Lots of AESTHETIC changes (more to come, these are just me testing)
  • Better, More Efficient Code for easier level development
  • Harder/Better Level 1 Boss
  • Too many others forgotten over the years...

The Next Build will contain a LOT OF ADDITIONS plus these aesthetic changes. Here's some screenshots:

Sneak Peek?!:


The End