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thank you for the kind words!!

tysm!! <3

i know! the most annoying thing is i actually had a fix for that (different background colours) but i don't think i saved it properly? super lame <<

thats what happens when you do audio integration with 20 minutes to go! ^^

he do

"you know octopi isn't the plural of octopus right? it's a common misconception..."

i loved it! a deep story for such a little game, a story well told and lots of pretty art to look at and music to listen to :)

AWWWW thank u so much!! <3

wholesome <3

thanks for the bug report! and glad you had fun :) i think it would be really cool to make procedural levels to keep it fresh, but of course that was way out of scope for a jam ;-;

you can use the airbrakes to corner tightly!

me too! i tried a few approaches to make the walls more slipper (physics materials, custom collision handling) but couldn't get anything that worked well within the timeframe. oh well, maybe in future developments :)

i managed to get the web one working in the end! just not through the itch client. it's fun!

i wasn't able to launch it :(

Awesome little game, excellent twists. Just need s Vsync support :)