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Submitted by Jeremi247 — 4 hours, 56 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
"I didn't expect that" rating#33.3853.385
Music and Sound#102.6152.615
Aesthetics and Graphics#112.9232.923

Ranked from 13 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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For anyone that don't want to download or can't play because of any reasons, full playthrough can be found on project page! (


The messages didn't show up for me, I don't know why that is. Also there is a bug on the first level, once I rotate it a couple of times there is a level in which I float even though there is a hole in the floor. Other than that a cool concept. (Not ready for steam though. Much more testing needed before you officially publish it on a platform like steam)


As for floating above hole in the floor: yup I know about this issue it's a problem with what's happening when you are standing in between of two planes. I am going to change it so when you turn the camera it will move character to the center of a block he is standing on.
And as for message not showing up I have no idea why :F


Its one of the better games submitted to the jam. It just needs polishing. (P.S. check out my game :p)


Thank you! :D
I already did, my name on discord is Tiuna so we talked about it already :P


Oh! ok my bad xD


Simple fun game, should upload to steam!


I might but I would like to redesign sounds first and expand the scope of the game a little. Maybe work on the graphics a little more as well?


Far from ready for steam, more testing needed, but yes the idea is steam-worthy.


Yea I agree that it is far from ready for steam


Don't know if you could do anything about it but, when the game started it said that there's no disk in the E drive. I would also like a save and load system. Otherwise. Good, simple game. I loved the gameplay.

Developer (2 edits)

Hmm, it may be because of the fact that I had UE4 previously installed on disk E so some registries might have stayed(?) but I am not sure.
To be honest I wanted to add it(save/load feature), but after like 30 hours without sleep I gave up and left only checkpoints system :c
Thank you for playing! :D


As I've researched through the internet it may be local issue, you may try to do what is described in this link

Awesome little game, excellent twists. Just need s Vsync support :)


Thank you! And sorry for that, I thought that UE has VSync enabled by default, my fault not to check that :P