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Idk why but I cant vote. That is stupid.

It wasn't very intuitive. It would be nice if it was highlighted or something.

Well you could have sworn, but I cant even download it... 

Sure, I'll gladly give it another try once its finished :D

Oh! ok my bad xD

Its one of the better games submitted to the jam. It just needs polishing. (P.S. check out my game :p)

Controls are nice.

Player glitches out when hitting the wall, when pressing esc when reading the letter the whole game closes.

Kind of hard to play if there is no game...

There is nothing to explain what to do. There is also no way to remove a thing you have placed.

Far from ready for steam, more testing needed, but yes the idea is steam-worthy.

The messages didn't show up for me, I don't know why that is. Also there is a bug on the first level, once I rotate it a couple of times there is a level in which I float even though there is a hole in the floor. Other than that a cool concept. (Not ready for steam though. Much more testing needed before you officially publish it on a platform like steam)

After the ship blows up it isn't really clear what the player has to do other than survive.

Ah, ok. I understand that it was done in a limited time, just sharing my concerns. Next time when you die it would be good to have some text saying "Died" or something like that.

The in game UI (helth bar) could be better, it seems mess and random, it doesn't match the overall feel of the game.

Some sort of sound/music would have been nice.

I kept getting stuck in some sort of spin when and enemy hit me. It would've been nice to have a menu before you start playing.


I'm glad you liked it. Due to this being my first time acting in anyway I agree that it was terrible, but  a lot has been learnt making this game and the next one will be better.

Well for the puzzles I didn't want them to be unsolvable, so I made  it so that anyone can finish the game. For the ending, well I guess it depends, but I'm glad you liked it.

A confusing game, I didn't know what to do. Some kind of instructions would have been nice.

I've succeeded in creating the atmosphere I've wanted then :p

It is made by unity. They bought it and now on the asset store its listed as published by them.

Nice little game. Small issue with walking (It glitches a bit when you hit the wall). It would have also been nice if the character spawned at the first level. Other than that its a pretty nice game :D. Good idea.

shhh let them experience it ;)

Yes, you can. As long as the asset is made by Unity Technologies you can use it