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If you can't or don't want to play/download this game. Visit the game page, there is a full video of gameplay (although not the best quality, sorry for that :c)

A few gameplay remarks:
Light doesn't make sense. I was able to see enemies in the darkness without it, it only was useful as indicator where I was looking and with wider cone it actually was more problematic.
After reaching maximum enemies damage upgrade they start healing you, so after 5th round you can stop playing cause game will win itself.
Shooting speed and amount of enemies however were well balanced.
Nonetheless I've enjoyed it.

thanks ^-^

During the development we kinda strayed away from the original theme and once we realised it we had to make a choice either to redesign game, or go with it and accept low score in theme adaptation. But in overall we had an idea not to place game in one room, but focus it on one room that is causing problems to the player.

As I've researched through the internet it may be local issue, you may try to do what is described in this link

For anyone that don't want to download or can't play because of any reasons, full playthrough can be found on project page! (

video link

Thank you! :D
I already did, my name on discord is Tiuna so we talked about it already :P

Yea I agree that it is far from ready for steam

As for floating above hole in the floor: yup I know about this issue it's a problem with what's happening when you are standing in between of two planes. I am going to change it so when you turn the camera it will move character to the center of a block he is standing on.
And as for message not showing up I have no idea why :F

I might but I would like to redesign sounds first and expand the scope of the game a little. Maybe work on the graphics a little more as well?

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Hmm, it may be because of the fact that I had UE4 previously installed on disk E so some registries might have stayed(?) but I am not sure.
To be honest I wanted to add it(save/load feature), but after like 30 hours without sleep I gave up and left only checkpoints system :c
Thank you for playing! :D

Thank you! And sorry for that, I thought that UE has VSync enabled by default, my fault not to check that :P