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i'm not normally a fan of 'rage games' like this but i'm having a real good time so far! i'm kinda bad (lol) so i haven't gotten past the first real area yet but i'm definitely going to be spending some time with this. really liking what you've got going on here, keep it up! :)

great stuff! really simple mechanics but it works very well and the visual feedback is awesome haha. gonna be playing this for a while :o

thanks man! level 3 is one of my faves haha

ahaha i think i have a bit of an... ahem, 'talent' of making my games hard without even trying

you're lucky you didn't make it to level 7, then :o

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glad you liked it! :)
haha i wanted to get the game submitted quickly for the jam but i will be adding a windows download soon! thanks again!

edit: windows download is now available :)

thanks! exactly, that's gonna be super helpful just to get some quick ideas out :) best of luck for the rest of your entries!

hi! i'm kruxe, a small solo dev looking to get some experience jamming and actually finishing games haha, this was the perfect opportunity for me so i'm really looking forward to making some things and seeing everyone else's submissions!! 


awesome stuff! it's got great visuals, and the gameplay feels really tactile with all those clicking sounds haha. controls are simple in the best possible way and overall just a very good experience! :)

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thanks so much for the feedback! the movement is probably one of the areas i was the least sure about, as i think it can feel kinda slippery (if that's the right word to describe it haha) at times. i considered doing a more classic WASD/mouse to aim kind of configuration but i guess i kinda liked the feeling of sliding around haha. yea i spent most of my time trying to make hitting/killing enemies feel satisfying so i'm glad you noticed

again i really appreciate the feedback, it's always super helpful to get second opinions :)

yea, i'm sure it's difficult to make sure all the different moves work well haha! best of luck with that :)

ah ok, nice! just wanted to mention it in case :) hmm interesting, i will try again to see if i can figure out what to do haha

anytime! :)

the art is great and the sound is well designed too! gameplay overall feels pretty solid, but some things feel a little bit unresponsive (like an up-dash only seems to work when i'm only holding up and nothing else) - still minor details, though :)

i haven't been able to get past the boss yet, but one suggestion is that it would be nice to not have to read the boss dialogue every time you die. other than that this seems pretty good so far! :)

just got a 57-second run :) not sure how good that is tho lol

well basically I was trying to update my information, and it hadn't taken place. however i just checked and it looks like it updated :) 

thanks for following through!

no worries! thanks for your help :)

Hi! I sent an email to support 8 days ago regarding my tax interview but have not gotten a response. I was just wondering how long it usually takes to get a response from support? I don't mind waiting but just want to know a general time frame to see whether or not this is out of the ordinary :)

made it with this pretty cool music-making browser tool called "beepbox", if you google it it should come up

it's actually surprisingly versatile for what it is

haha thanks man, i made it myself :)

sounds great! 

ah haha i figured it was something like that. are your collisions hand-coded?
of course! i know it's super helpful to get feedback from real players so figured i'd try and help :)

anytime! haha yeah us indies gotta support each other, loved the look and feel! 

overall a very good game, especially for browser! i only ran into a couple issues while playing:
- is the continue feature supposed to work yet? i just got a black screen
- i got stuck on the wall in level 3 and couldn't get off. is that like a wall climbing feature or a bug?

i think you have a really good game here, with crunchy gameplay, interesting mechanics and nice visuals! the difficulty is spot-on for a retro-styled game as well :)

Spinner in the Works is a physics-based precision platformer where you have to spin the environment to move your player. Tackle over 30 handmade platforming challenges full of spikes and creepy ambience to win!

Spinner in the Works started out as a simple 1-week project to try and overcome some creativity block, but ended up becoming so much more! Almost 50 hours of programming, playtesting, and sprite-drawing later, I finally have a finished project and am ready to release my first game! I'm super excited for this milestone in my gamedev journey and appreciate any and all support you can offer :)

Download here:

Please enjoy, and feel free to ask me any questions you have in the comments!
- Kruxe