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Dawn Chorus: "Maybe someday, I have a bit too much on my paws lately."
Nobody: ...
Me: ...Rune is a deer.
Everybody: h

As the meme says, yes to all! 😃

VERY cleaver, wowww! I can't quite put it into words, still beaming from enjoying such a quick play, but this was an extra special treat I can tell. 5/5

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How about just...

I got so many mixed signals jumping into this. Everything from the cover art to the comment section, to the charm of the first scene, Kurt's soundtrack, then all the mystery...gosh, I'm so glad I did.

One thing I  would highly suggest though is replacing the gaussian blur on the backgrounds with a color reduction filter. Gaussian is actually really hard on the eyes after a long time, makes readers' brains think they're sick. Works great for the vertigo parts in the beginning but, by the time the 7-11 scene came up I had to take a quick break and write this comment.

Anyways, this vn is super charming, keep it up! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

I used to know someone like the protagonist in this game. I left them trying to protect us.

Ahh, the stickers caught me. It was all just setup for that, haha!

Yeah...everyone has a first. 🤣

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How did the ideas for TToTGS come together? I've only just gotten into creative writing now, in my late twenties, and sometimes I read stories that have such a broad scope I can't imagine being inspired to write past a few pages. This is undoubtedly one of those, not just as a story, but as an interactive work as well.

Really loved it! Can't wait to play through again tomorrow!

Ahh jees, couple lines hit really hard, especially during the dance, and the one about flavors.

This is a great series!