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Firstly i build like 200+ computers at my last workplace and also my own pc, so i know how everything connects.
Secondly I build the computer in like 5-7 minutes after i figured out everything.
Tutorial is a bit confusing because it got no buttons like "Exit" or "Close". You have to press "T" to open and close it. There is also no way after quitting the tutorial, to get it back, expect you restart the game. I would love to cable up everything and also do like cablemanagement which is not available at the moment (or i didn't figure out how).

Also i would love to see the PC work and figuring out why it is not working, like broken RAM or broken graphicscards and you have to find out why its not working.

All in all its not bad and its not good (yet).

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Link to the game page:

Pictures do not show finished content:

About my game:
GBMA is a small project I'm currently working on, all by myself and will always be free. Its created in Unreal Engine 4 and will not contain one line of code. It's all done with blueprints which is a graphical programming surface, where you logically link together nodes. The models in the current alpha version are placeholders and downloaded from the internet, but will be replaced by self-made ones.The story of the game will be told in a comic form, but the main game can be played in first or third person. The objective is to revenge you lost loved ones and destroy the evil. As new content is added, there will be other characters, turrets, a atmospheric candy world, multiple weapons with different upgrades and more.

About me:
Im Tobias, 23 y/o and love to make things and be creative. I did an apprenticeship as technical assistant for media design, for 2 years, worked with a lot of programs and learned so many things which help me design a game. The idea of making my own game exists since i was 13 years old, but i never had the chance to do so until i found Unreal Engine 3. Back then i learned a lot about making a game and made some other small projects. Yet still I'm an amateur in working with UE4 because i don't always have the time. But I'm willing to learn and try out new things.

How can you help me make a great game:
I'm no pro in all areas you need, to make a game. For example making 3D models, I got the image in my head but don't know how to create that thing. Or even music. I don't have the know-how to make notes sound good together. So if you have the knowledge and talent to create and make content for the game and you're interested in helping me contact me via eMail at: What helps too are donations, because then i see people would be willing to pay for the game, even if its just cent amounts. But if you really liked the game i would appreciate the support you are giving me, because this boosts myself and makes me confident i do good.

Sorry for my potato english.

To dumb this is Xbox controller only. You cant move without it which is silly. Why would you do this devs? Isnt keyboard + mouse good for you?

i know but its a huge effort for the developers to optimize the games for Mac because most dont have a Mac. So the game gets delayed for them and it would be just easier to get a 400$ Laptop that can game than a Mac for 2000$.

i still wonder why there are people gaming on mac. Mac ist not build for gaming, but for design and working on it.

he means the things where the AI spawns.

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  • No sound while shooting
  • "look around" (holding left alt and moving mouse) doesnt work
  • no respawn (restart the game with F12)
  • game does not save anything
  • texture issues (missing or glitched textures)
  • no ESC Menu. Close the game by pressing "Alt + F4.
  • Overlapping Menus
  • Menu is glitching (tab wont work after you pressed on a button)