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i still wonder why there are people gaming on mac. Mac ist not build for gaming, but for design and working on it.


Try to understand some users' position: they only have the one computer and can't afford/don't want to buy a Windows machine just for games. And Mac's are great computers, just not for the newest/fanciest AAA games. If you're into indie games, they aren't usually high spec, so they run great. There's no reason that Mac owners shouldn't be allowed the opportunity to play great games like this one. I'm enjoying MLBS, and I'd like for as many people to share in that fun as possible! Happy Smithing!


i know but its a huge effort for the developers to optimize the games for Mac because most dont have a Mac. So the game gets delayed for them and it would be just easier to get a 400$ Laptop that can game than a Mac for 2000$.