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Ah darn, looks like I'll have to use a friends computer, I'll be sure to give it at least a spin.

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Just something like what bandcamp does when someone buys your music, but with your game? Sure with a option of not using it, but it would be nice to show people who bought your game if you used pay what you want.

Here is the results through running it through cmd,

Thank you for the fast response! I'm actually very excited to play this game as I'm starting a highlights of and the screenshots have my eye (of course I'd make note that its, as with many other games, in development)

I posted the results on imgur, I hope its not me.

Oh dear, I seen the pictures of this little bugger, but I didn't actually think you where making it into a game.

Well, even though its not exactly my cup of tea, I wish you all the luck in the full game, whats your plan on the pricing?

I got Java all updated, been running it multiple times, but it doesn't seem to want to run at all,

Submit your game to every videogame news website you can think of.
Make a blog for your game, or game development and make friends with other developers who will follow you, and share your games.

its really simple really, you just got to keep at it for a month or two, of course, posting your game in the community forums here also helps.