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An unexpected yakyuken offering appears! Not too bad, there's some dialogue which I certainly approve of. There seems to only be one set of dialogue for the player losing though, which is a bit disappointing. That's about the only issue I have with it honestly, the dialogue could use some expanding I think.

the milf time is here huh

That monster :(

I didn't know I had a reputation at all of being the one who looks everywhere for strip games!

I actually have! Not a bad one, although I'm not the biggest fan of "Play until someone is naked, then its over". Unless its 1 on 1, of course. A rare one that had a male and female protagonist option as well. It also remembers that a strip game is about stripping! Stripping for all! Opponents AND the player!

You made it past the mythical number 3 at least! Time to start the spin-offs!

Hey wait, this one doesn't even have rock paper scissors! Legacy titles!
A really, really bad joke aside, impressive to be up to 4 in a series! While I certainly do like strip games, this Dare challenge seems rather one-sided... and the opponents aren't to my liking, but I can still say I can appreciate your efforts and commitment to making things!

2 days before my birthday!

I didn't expect multiple parts to be honest though, so rather curious to see what 3 and 4 have in store! I suppose, in hindsight, at least up to part 2 made sense. Can't just have that principal around for nothin'!

Mark the calendar and make today a holiday for all!

Man, really putting a LOT of development effort into this, its rather impressive! The art is nice as well. A shame I'm not sure I'm really into card battles... but I guess that's also due to me enjoying different kind of battles. Still, I may as well keep an eye on things... I do see you posting on Reddit a lot about this game after all!


Not quite too sure how the H-content in this works, although I have to say I almost feel a bit sorry for the invading monsters. Here you are, coming to get some women... to then be shot to death by a firing squad of futanari women shooting cum at you. Until you die.

Incredibly awkward, I'm sure.

Does kind of need a speedup button or something though.

Will be interested to see how the "strip" part comes into play!

Graphically it looks nice, and the English translation seems accurate so far! There doesn't seem to be much of the "strip" part of the blackjack yet though... but the blackjack does seem to work!

Huh, what a rather... unique twist on a rock-paper-scissors game. I can't quite call it yakyuken, although it certainly has that element going for it after a fashion. Not used to there being more then RPS, and the strategic element going in with the fact you more play with 'cards', so you can't just spam moves over and over...

That third screenshot does answer the question of if the player strips at all in this game... she knows!

Swiggity hoppity, the Syd bunny coming for your... clothes... hrm, doesn't have a great end to it, huh?

I can't believe I still have to wait! GIB

I kid, I kid. Keep up the good work!

A new strip game in development huh? I'll have to keep an eye on that, always looking to play more of those...

Interesting to see that SPNATI was an inspiration. A good source of inspiration, honestly. It's kind of the standard that strip games should go for nowadays, I think.

Demon Arc coming for your clothes

My god, an expanding game

Well, it's $12 to take a gamble, but... gotta support those who make stuff I like, right? At the moment, I'm having problems getting my full version to actually work it seems, since it still seems to be the demo content despite downloading the new file. That could be something on my end though.

The full version should have 6 girls displayed per version, right?

The full game sneaking out...

End of August huh? Well, well, something to look forward to...

Hmmm, curious to see what the release is going to be like!

Well, this is upfront about being a casino game! Not quite a Strip Blackjack game, or a well, Strip Casino thing in general but, that is certainly a more... unique way to handle it.

Cute artstyle though! Not sure if it'll be my thing, since I more got attached to strip poker/blackjack games.

The time looms! Been a while since I played this, but I remember that Goblin game over scene is pretty great...

Interesting rig... the potential it has is pretty big...!

So, can I ask what the current plans are for content?

Congrats on getting it to work!

I have played both demos thus far! Just did some quick playing around to see what you've done. I'll give my initial thoughts!

I'd say you have a pretty solid foundation going though! I am pleased to see it is proper yakyuken, with both players losing clothing. Each of the girls between both versions are also very distinct, and I can see how each is their own character, which is good!

A bit unusual the game ends once they're down to just their underwear, but I'll also admit, it's an interesting change of pace. Perhaps it ties into the story behind all this?

I'd say my only real complaint is down to the dialogue - it's good, don't get me wrong there! There just isn't as much variety as I'd hope.

Still, I am quite intrigued and want to keep a close eye on this! The amount of good yakyuken games out there is pretty small, the last really good one I'd say was BlushHand, and that one was years ago.

Just as a quick heads up, both work now! Good work!

How is it going? Still wanting to give this game a try!

These things can happen, hopefully you can sort out what is causing the problem!
That being said, if it isn't working in a browser, what does it run in normally?

I am intrigued by any strip games that come around, so its a shame the demo is having issues at the moment. I will be patient and await a fix though!

Huh, a strip RPS game appears on again! And it's pretty solid. The demo gives a pretty good idea of what to expect, so... take my money

Thanks for giving it a read! I was caught up in a kind of mood after just finishing the demo, so I had all the thoughts fresh in my mind I suppose!

Huh, well, I gave this a try on a whim, and I'd say I'm pleasantly surprised thus far. It's rare for a game to have a protagonist gender option, and while I certainly would prefer the male anyway, the female option got my interest so I went with that first.

And it was pretty nice, all things considered. I'm always a little iffy myself on the Daz-style models, but I just always liked Illusion's stuff in general. Still, none of the characters LOOK bad, so that's good.

Writing-wise, I'd say its solid.

The Training System, I think, will maybe be the first thing to really judge in the long run. I do wish there was a 'back' option after you pick a category, in case you're just checking what's there. It's nice that there's different dialogue for the first time a thing is selected.

However, I worry past that, it might get a bit repetitive, since after that its (understandably) generic. But given it seems it could take, say, 10 times of cunnilingus to go up a level, reading the same thing 9 times... well, repetitive. While having more unique dialogue would be fantastic, it's probably more realistic to just see how the 'leveling' curve goes.

About the only small nitpick I have on the female MC route thus far is in terms of breast size. It might be a Daz-model thing, but her size seems to kind of... vary between sequences. The bit about the peasant dress being tight on the chest, implies to me, a rather large chest, but in the scenes with Valerie she seems a lot more on the small size.

I'm not sure how realistic it might be, but an option of some protagonist customization with that could be nice. But I am unsure how much that might add to the overall workflow. It would be nice to have a busty female protagonist though, but that is just always a personal thing.

I'll have to give male MC a try later, but thought I'd at least give some thoughts on what I saw on the female MC route thus far, as its a rarity in games like this but, thus far, appreciated.