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I loved it! Really fun to read and think about the implicit setting! Congrats!

I was going to mention the British Library collection too, which was my source of art for my entry... I should acknowledge that somewhere in the pdf, now that I think of it.

I finally decided to put mine as pwyw, so download away!

I love the concept! The card mechanics kinda remind me of the oracles from In a Wicked Age

I loved this game! Even if I know zero about bicycle races, this looks fun to play. The mats are a great idea, as well as the cards advantage and disadvantage mechanics!

I appreciate your reasoning, and I agree with you.

I have already offered a way to get the game for free. I'll see how it goes

Thanks for your words

I've been thinking about this suggestion, of putting a price on our games. On one hand, I understand it and it's great encouragement and probably great practice, and on the other, I'd really like for more people I don't know to read my submission and talk about it.

I don't know what I'm really trying to say, now that I think of it. Maybe change the pricing of my game to pwyw? 

Just published my entry. I wrote a really generic move, "Do the Arts", to perform acts of magic. Instead of giving playbooks stats, I gave them assests or possessions -like a workshop, or a group of followers- which they can risk losing (for a +1). One of those assets is their own life, so in a way, PCs can only really die if the players put character's lives at stake.