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I love your games, and this one is no exception! Very fun and atmospheric :)

Amazing game, loved this!

Really fun game, loved the level design but I could jump out of bounds in the third level because the jump reset at the wall.

Alright, thanks!

Hi, sorry to get back to you a bit late, what sort of keyboard do you use?

That’s a great idea, if we were to continue to be working on the game it’s something I’d definitely suggest to the rest of the team. And WOW what deal did you make with the penguins to get that time??? 

Hm that’s strange. When you get to the end (the tent) you’re meant to see a cutscene sort of thing. Could you describe if you did something that may have been unusual to cause the bug?

Them cheeky penguins…

Very great execution, love the graphics, the music and levels are nice and difficult as well. A bit too difficult on the third one, I'd say though, maybe an optional(?) grid based system could have been helpful?

Oh ok, thanks!

Thanks! What do you mean by "too smooth"?

thanks! thats a great solution

Oh my gosh that pun


I really like the concept, but I think the execution could use some work. The controls were a bit confusing and hard to figure out (didn't understand when I was supposed to use "STAY!"), but it's an original idea regarding the theme. Overall, I like it, just needs polish :)

I liked this! The walking speed was a bit slow but I would love to see more of the storyline you're hinting at there :)

oh ok that makes more sense now :)

This game is absolutely amazing! Can't believe you did this in 48 hours!

This was actually surprisingly fun, a cool mechanic. Although displaying how much power you have at a given moment would help immensely, since it didn't seem to be the number at the bottom?

I'm a bit confused on the goal of the game?

I love this game! Both the graphics, music and mechanic are great

This was pretty good, I liked the puzzles although at first I was really confused on level 2 because I didn't notice the levers since they were too small.

Yep, that’s a problem that’s being worked on at the moment, since some of the animations ended up not working, but they’ll be fixed in the next bug fix :)

Thanks for the feedback! If you run out of bullets, you should press E and if you’re near a zombie it will kill it instantly, dropping bullets.


I’ll add this to the game description so it’s not as confusing for others as well, but thanks for playing the game and your feedback!

Would love it if you played ours! ( What time’s the stream?

It’s a 100% hit chance, you just need to be clicking on the zombies themselves. If you can’t shoot anymore it’s most likely because you’ve run out of bullets, the number of which is in the top left corner :)

Yep, I get what you mean. At the moment, you can really only tell by the sfx since some of the animations seem to have bugged out!

This was quite fun, I managed to get to level 10! Although one thing that I found a bit strange is the fact the playable area is in a small space in the corner like in the image I've attached  (I'm on chrome) 

The ending noooooooooooo :(

Very cute game, I really enjoyed playing it :)

I love this concept! It was very satisfying jumping on the cat to collect all the letter and the little controllable soup character was very cool, great job! 

Great game! (Impossibly hard too!). The art and music work very well together :)