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Je t'en prie, ça me fait plaisir ! Et merci à toi de m'avoir fait découvrir une super apps web pour jouer au Lego en ligne :D

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C'est plutôt chouette, je t'encourage à continuer ! Par contre la sensibilité de la souris pour diriger le vaisseau est bien trop sensible. Cela serait bien de la baisser, dans l'idéal ça serait un paramètre réglable par le joueur. Mais bon, si tu n'as pas le temps, baisse juste pour que ça soit plus jouable et pas trop décourageant dès le début ;) 

good game, if you wan't to work on it again before the end of the jam, I would recommend you to make a "next level" button instead of only "reset" and "back to menu" one.

Good job ! Pretty and simple menu interface, moreover I like the possibility to have severals drones on our side !

Thank everybody !

Achie if you wan't help to start with the engine, I'm here ;)

Thank everybody for your comments ! 

Achie : haha, she's lucky ! Godot is an awesome engine and the 3.0 version will come in few months, I recommend you this forum (there is a Discord server too) if you wan't some help :D

Thank you ! I'm happy that it please you !

I played jt with my little brother and we've found it funny, but players doesn't have  enought life and the fight end quickly ! But it's really good, congratulation for music and graphics art ! 

definitely my favourite game of this jam ! Very difficult but it force you to perfect, it fit in the jam theme. I like the bloody ambiance, and it will be perfect with a dismembered ragdoll ! 

Haha ! Funny little game with cynical humor  ! Good work for the quality of animation, graphics arts and narration.  well done !

Beautiful pixel art, I think futur funk or dark wave music will be nice with your  ambience. The gameplay mechanics can be interesting to exploit in a beat them all game 

A really good work, graphics and animation are beautiful  for a game made in a week ! The gameplay is very fun , I love stressful game like this ! The only problem (wich is not really an issue) is that I sadly have an azerty keyboard so it will be cool if we can change input in options or play with arrow keys too

I don't know if it's because my AZERTY keyboard, but I can't play ! Input doesn't work and I can't go further than the intro dialog...

it's a pity because your game seems to be very well worked, already the audio of the beginning speech is such a cool thing ! 

Good music and nice graphics, but I was not be able to play (or doesn't understand how to play?) so I won't judge you. 

I run it with game maker studio, there is an error with a missing function but it work when I delete the problematic line. If you want your game test by a maximum number of people, build an . exe ^^ 

The code of your game is really good, graphics are simple but I like the style ! It's a little bit easy to kill enemies and it will be funnier if you add power up or something like this !

Nice graphics art and music, the gameplay is cool (a little bit hard at the beginning). It will be more funny with bonus and target, maybe secret rooms !

I love your cynical humor ! Pixel art is awesome and the inverted RPG gameplay is a good idea but can be improve. I think a real round by round with the possibility to attack your enemies will be funnier. But you must warn to not kill them before they kill you, and want to reduce their life to win some money to buy more efficient potion to kill yourself.  What do you think about ? 

The concept is original, graphics look good and it fit perfectly in the jam theme ! It's cool to play but not enought challenging

As it was already say in other comments, sound and more power up will be good to improve your game. It's funny to play but doesn't really fit in the jam theme...

there are severals bugs, but I think it's because of the limited time, so I understand (mine is also bugged sometimes)  ;) The game has potential to be funny to play, but I don't found the link with the jam theme... 

Don't worry it's still good, music is catchy and graphics art are nice ! Thanks to touch screen button, it's playable on smartphone, no need to download anything, it's a good thing.  I encourage you to continue to working on your project after the jam ! 

I already seen game like this on another jam (with a similar theme), is the reason I don't give you a lot of stars for the originality. But your game is very funny to play ! It's addictive, nice !

The highlight of the game is undoubtedly graphics art ! It's cute as a child book with a cruel content, that perfect ! But the game miss a bit of challenge

One of the most eccentric entries of the jam, it was funny to play, with  many surprises ! But the fact

I have the same reaction when I see the head can swing hahaha !

I love the concept ! It's funny to play, but maybe a little bit difficult at the beginning... and it will be better if the music doesn't restart each time we restart the level. 

Graphics are really good, and your game perfectly fits  into the jam theme. Nice !