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Same here. Can't give the third Commandment, and the bottle disappeared after I dropped it.

Yay! \0/

Your game is wonderful, looking forward for the new chapter!

Don't open the Actions Menu (A) in Alpha 9.7.5. They don't work, and you just can't close it after that.

Are there any chances for a downloadable version?

Oh wow, it is almost a tribute to Inner Worlds! It was amazing DOS game with a girl werewolf too.

I live in a swamp, and I love your game!

Such a beautiful little thing! It would be even better if there was a downloadable version. :3

It was beautiful, thank you.

I personally think it's ok, but people can expect to be able to fast-forward traveling with right click or Tab after being able to do it in battles.

That's great!

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And another.

Another one.

Not sure if it works as intended. Is it a bug, or are these question marks an indication that I still have to discover something?

If we already have a fast-forwarding during battle, it would be reasonable to be able to speed up during travel between locations.

Just a little quality-of-life thing. It would be great if we can see an info about an effect when hovering over its icon.

...doesn't look good.

I'm stuck. :c

I have no light for a dark room. And can't figure out what to do in rooms with flower and bed.

Did it! 

Sorry, it's in Russian, so most of you guys can hardly understand it. :c

Another great work! I think I should make a video about this...

Atmospheric and sweet!

Wow, that's rad!

For those who can't wait for the whole day, I did it.


For those who want to know what is behind 1-hour door.

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Yeah, it's actually getting harder somewhere around 10k points. Uploading video of it right now!

Nice art-style and good concept! It became ridiculously easy if you just run clockwise and continuously renew mines at spawn points so it can be played forever, but it's absolutely excellent for the first game! My first game was just about staring in the window and listening to seemingly endless ambient music track. xD

Hilarious! Trying to upvote the second comment, but it's harder that complete entire Dark Souls series without being hit! :D

I liked it! And I have one question. Where can I find the music?