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Kevin Petker

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My services *are* available!  :)

HAHAHA!  Under "But that's not all": the presumed thread of the apes.

Well, if you're ever in need of an editor... you know how to reach me!

Is that supposed to be "High Threat" or "High Thread" in the right side category?

Thanks so  much for the great and insightful review!

Had a great time playing this with my daughter (age 8); we laughed and smiled and thoroughly enjoyed it.

So easy to pick up and play.  Highly recommended!

I'll be posting an unformated "text only" version of the game soon.

I've out out a new one-page/trifold Lasers & Feelings hack called Claws & Affect.

It's a role-playing game where you portray cats trying to keep their relatively clueless humans safe from otherworldly threats!

Please check it out!

This is an INCREDIBLY cool and innovative hack!

The theme song is now running through my head, non-stop!

Now they're going to make it if they try!

Hi, you can DM me on Twitter via @KevinPetker!  Let me know if that works for you; if not, we can try something else.

Hello!  Thank you so much for your purchase!

Currently, the Dark Princesses (Dead, Evil and Dragon) are only available to Kickstarter backers, but will be released in full when the "Whole Story Edition" is complete.  

Thanks for the answer and for all the hard work!  This is a grand thing you're doing!

Are submitted games being added manually or is there an automated process?   Or is there just a backlog?

Thank you so much for setting this up!

Please add Fighting Monsters to this fantastic bundle!

Thank you!


Currently they are Patron or Kickstarter Backer exclusives, but they will be released with the Whole Story Edition.

The three Dark Princesses: Dead, Dragon, and EVIL, haven't seen a lot of play yet, so if anyone has created some or is thinking about what to do with them, please comment or bring a question to this thread!

I've seen each of them in play once, so far, and they've all brought something new and strange and exciting to the Councils they belonged to.  Hope to meet some more!

Well, good news!  I (and a few other Weavers) will be running Princess World at Dreamation (Feb 20 - 23), PAX East (Feb 27 - Mar1) and Breakout (Mar 20 - 22)!

So, lots of possibilities for creating cool stories with colorful princesses!  And remember, if you've already got a princess, you can bring them to join in a new story!

When I hit "Download Now" and it goes to the payment page, PayPal isn't there as an option, only "Pay with card"; I've checked other "Name your own price" games and they show both.

Is PayPal disabled on this item? It's the only way I have to pay on here.

A Jenga based story-game about kids facing an impending doom.  Inspired by, and illustrated by, my daughter

Please check it out!

Let me know about your best/worst RE/Actions!

Also, if you use a RE/ACtion in a different game!


If you play a game of Princess World, please post about it here!  Would love to hear about your experiences with the game.