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Holy rage! :)

Yes it's downgrade mode of egg laying. :) In the level "Genealogy" in single campaign it  just a quest. In splitscreen level "Eggforia" two players compete for who lay more eggs. Egg downgrade is balance feature in this case — to win, each player must go to his strong and weak stage. Insatia's grow mechanic not balanced relative clash of different sized creatures: big worm always stronger and quickier than small worm. Eggs is way to little balance it in critical cases.

But reborn downgrade scheme is not a single way for using eggs. Egg's mechanic is context related, there are 3 modes that level creator can switch in scripts:

1. Player switched to new hatched baby worm.

2. Hatched worm became teammate of parent worm (he borns with the same team color).

3. Layed egg grow to maximum size and keep this stage waiting for player death. It works like a save point - it will hatch new creature for player when he died.

All three ways used in single campaign (but in demo there is only first of them).

Thank you! Write it up if you will find some bugs or something like so

Yeah, we a little slow on this activities :)

This is subreddit (almost empty :):
This is Discord:

Thank you!

They don't chase you, but they have own route and wants to eat any dead segments. Press key '5' in the game and you could see their target (red line from it head). Red circle is area of worm's AI vision, green line is route of other black worm (route is not hard, just way to go when there are nothing to eat and chase).

Looks like quests from my childhood. :)

Отлично! Если что, самые оперативные новости на русском тут:
Сейчас готовим Стим-релиз, но пока никаких играбельных новых версий не выкладывали.

Ха! Забавно оказаться трэш-игрой #1. :) Спасибо за обзор!

Hey Mario, мy old friend! :)

:) Thank you for the letsplay! I'm sorry for troubles in teaching level, I will rebuild is. There are many troubles with difficulty on current version. It needs more levels to make learn curve more smooth. And, please, try to use adrenaline. Last levels feels like hell without it.

While preparing for the release we made quite a few substantial changes under the hood. The game now runs on all three major platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux.

Though there are not many changes to a naked eye on the outside (mainly many of the old bugs have been finally hammered out), on the inside it's a completely different game. For example we've added OpenGL rendering backend that allows you to run Insatia even if you weren't able to due to DX9-level graphics hardware.

The most important part is that the game can be easily localized to any language now. Currently it's done for the following languages: Portuguese, Italian, Ukrainian. Spanish is on its way. If you want to bring Insatia to your language, please contact us and we'll explain how to make this happen!

This is most likely the final public build available before the game is released on Steam. Please let us know if you see anything wrong with the game, whether it crashes, frustrates you or steals food from your fridge. We need to know everything!