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Love those ideas! We'll include them this month! :^)

This makes me happy! We want to update all our COVID-related games in May, including this one. Is there something you want us to add?

I love that idea! Yes, we can do that in the next update! :3

I think it's called the MIT license? You can use it for free or commercial games. Just make sure to give us credit. :^)

This is wonderful! :D Thank you!

I'm so glad you liked it! We're updating it next month with font options and a new area to explore. <3

The music fits perfectly! Graphics remind me of PS1 days. I'm digging it! If you were to add more, an in-game tutorial would be helpful; but I think expecting a tutorial in a 3-day jam, when you were also building everything else, would've been a tall order.

I agree that the art and music pair well. Nice interactive short story. Felt satisfying/healing to stay until the end.

If you collect the noms they want, they'll join your party. You get noms from fishing or killing monsters. :^)

I got invested in this one. Godspeed with the toilet paper supply.

I would have liked the tiniest extra intro! Lovely graphics.

I agree that stats might help. It'd encourage the player to try again and get a better score. Good choice of music. Good use of color.

I did something odd, because it just started printing lines after I input, "I move right." I like the concept, though! Graphics are good for a text adventure.

We're glad you like them! Excited to play games people make with 'em. :^)

This is fun! It's like I'm playing pool, but I can die.

Клавиши со стрелками и Enter.

Соберите котенка, чтобы пройти через портал.

Извините, если это плохо написано. Я использовал переводчик гугл.

This is the best game mechanic I've seen this jam! I felt like the hemispheres of my brain were arguing with one another. Great puzzles, good sound effects, calm yet focused music, and adorably simple graphics.

I think this is my new favorite Pico-8 game. I'm inspired by the hilarity of this one. Also, I'm running low on toilet paper. :^)

This is a cool concept. The art is also instantly immersive. Love the font effects.

I like that the first win-states are immediate; gets the player invested quickly. Also love that we're switching between two characters. Cool game! :^)

Good music. Love that the hair bounces on the head of the NPC. xD Gorgeous artwork!

"Aww, I want to help homeless heart..."

"Oh, these clouds are cute! They're smiling like the Mario Bros clouds..."

"Huh. I can't jump that high. WAIT, I can WALK ON CLOUDS!?"

Had fun with this one. :3

"Baby, it's dangerous outside"—I'm slain XD

Love the character, graphics, and controls. Best toilet paper.

Artwork is super-engaging. Love the line-up of items that are distributed. I emotionally connect with the toilet paper.

I'd love if you worked on this more. I totally dig the Dragon Warrioresque artwork, and I wanted to get to that  treasure chest in the trees. Beautiful artwork and neat-looking UI.

I was thinking about adding more to it! If the ending felt surprising, this makes me think adding content in the future is a good idea~ :-) Thank you for the kind words!

I'm in love with this memory game. The music is well-chosen, the lighting effects are subtly effective, and the loading screen is just adorable! I also like that the reward is educational. I could see young audiences learning while having fun.

Oh no! I didn't even think about embedding the font. I'll definitely patch that in, after the jam is over. Thanks for pointing it out!

Does the entry need to be entered uniquely in this jam? Ex., if I make a game in RPG Maker for another jam that's in the same 10-day window, is it all good to submit my game to both jams?

Oh! I'm going to try this out! Thank you for sharing~ :-)

Awesome game for 48 hours!

While I can see how other players might have issues with the controls, I kind of liked the feeling of floating; it fit well with the music. Graphics were also adorable. Good game~!

This was fun! I just love Bitsy games! Feels like I'm playing old school Gameboy, delivering packages to my neighborhood :3

The rhyming opening really worked for me! Helped me get immersed right away.

Love the opening. Good music. Calm sound effects. But my favorite part is the isometric design with the 2D graphics that feel like they flip into 3D!

I had fun playing this one! Good mechanics, awesome sound effects...enjoyable experience. :3

Good sound effects. Ominous ending if you mess up, but otherwise relaxing music, sounds, and aesthetic. Love it!

I had fun with this one! But there may have been casualties while I was learning...

Thank you! I wasn't sure what to make of this one, so your kind words are encouraging and appreciated!