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Thank you! :D

This is bliss.

Grats on first! I'm so happy RPG Maker MV games got the top two spots. :D :D :D

I love it! Takes me back to childhood! Reminds me of Mario Paint :D

This is fun! The mating dance had me cracking up.

This is fun! I love the sensitivity of the accuracy rating. Great design for a memory game!—and now I want to try Godot. :3

I'm going to do all the pepper combinations now. :o

I am convinced it is not just the combination. It is also the order of the combination. Or maybe I'm just missing the perfect three. Either way, the story hit me in the heart. Love the character.

Yes, it's RPG Maker MV! I love RMMV/RPXP/RM2K3. :D

Black cats are my absolute favorite <3

Dareka, you weren't doing anything wrong!—I was just making some critical errors on my end. I hope you'll consider giving the game another shot! I appreciate your interest and patience.

Oi, I am making some critical errors here! I'm learning things, and that's good, but I apologize for any frustration on your end.

I uploaded a new zip file with the changed .ini file and audio folder. I hope you'll consider trying it again!

This is fun! I like the dialogue with the robot.

I had fun with this one. The robot graphic is cute.

This is so much fun! I love RPG Maker games, and the personality in this one is A+. Also, I love retellings of fairy tales. I can tell a lot of effort went into these cutscenes, maps, and character design. 

An RPG Maker MV game! This makes me so happy! I make games in this engine, too. I can tell love was put into this.

This is fun. :)

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This is oddly wonderful and satisfying.

I appreciate you letting me know! I've changed the download from an .exe to a .zip, since RMXP's .exe files can send false-positives to the virus protection built into Windows 10. If you're up for downloading the game again, you can start it by downloading, unzipping, and clicking the orange pinwheel.

I enjoyed playing with this. <3

The sound was much more immersive the second play-through!

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Played a second time, and the sound was immersive with the updates!

These are awesome! I wish it had Wattpad, but I can modify the SoundCloud one. Super-appreciative! I'll include credits and a link when I finish my game.

This is fun to play! It took me a moment to figure out how towers enter and exit the board, but once I got the hang of it, I enjoyed the strategy.

Thank you! I'll let my husband know! He's the sprite artist :3

I liked the monochrome aesthetic. The headlines were neat, too. I had to mute the sound. I failed to summon Cthulhu.

The headlines are neat. I'm digging the monochrome effect.

The music and art fit well together. It's a cute aesthetic. I like the characters.

Cedric and Cecil are adorable. I kept flying by the red planet. Oops. Fun game!

I had fun playing this one. You should definitely polish it up!—it's a cool mechanic!

This is an awesome first game jam. Grappling hook mechanic is well-designed.

This seems like a cool idea. I hope you come back to it after you finish moving!

I know you said don't bother with it, but you also mentioned custom music, and I wanted to hear it. :3 Love the song!

I like this one! Played several levels. Reminds me of the Flow Free game I play on my phone a couple times a week. I've always loved limited-move puzzle games.

Played it for several levels. Fun puzzle game!

I don't normally play shooters, but I liked this one! I especially appreciated the pacing. Instead of feeling like everything was in-my-face sudden, it was more of a creepy, horror vibe.

Fun to play! Legit felt like I was getting swarmed by aliens right before I died. Music fits. Sound effects aren't too loud. Blood effect is effective.

The opening "load screen" is perfect, and the pixelated aesthetic makes me happy. Relaxing to play. Love it!

Can I just say those pixelated Earths are perfect XD

I've always enjoyed the icy rooms in RPGs, where you don't stop until you hit a I was instantly in my happy place. The color choices are perfect; I had no issues immediately visually identifying the objects and goals on each map. Plus, I mean...look how cute the space critters are...!