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Graphics and Game feel is very nice! 

I would like to say that you really did a well job with the submission, congrats.

Few things to mention would be that, when you create a video game for a game jam you would most likely want to finish a prototype first before polishing it :)

This is a common mistake and I'm not saying this to be mean, you are all learning! 

But when you do it as a team or solo, you should always make sure that everyone focuses on the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) which is to create a working project that has the most basics of your idea. After that you can add a little polishment and improve graphics or audio.

There was few bugs that won't allow me to move forward in game, but overall I really liked how much process you made, this game shows that you really worked hard on it and I hope you work on it more after the jam!

Thanks for participating, I hope you all had fun!

Nice and cozy game, I remember talking about this in Discord and I was eager to try it out! I'm amazed how much you improved, there might be some little bugs but as for this jam, very well done keep up the good work!!

Was struggling until I realized that I can attack 😂

And I think I finished the game...

Overall it was fun to try capturing areas and at the same time destroy light balls.

There are lot to improve but I see that you have done a LOT with the grid system and path finding. 

Normally this would be a laggy game but you also have found a way to implement list of blocks and an AI system to find the closest. 

Nice Job. Thanks for participating!

Nice theme interpretation, 

I was creeped about the atmosphere XD

Loved the dark design @AdAstra!

And the creepy sounds @kz-n and @Kawaii 

As for the game, I liked that you have implemented a little flash light for the really dark places and you really paid attention to small details like giving a less danger zone radius to the lighthouse light (otherwise it could have been annoying for the players)!

For my feedback, if you want to continue improving this project, you might need to include some sort of indication when the player get lost. Exploring is an amazing mechanic in video games but when players can't find the right way to the goal they might get bored and exit the game.

Other than those, overall your game was well made and I really enjoyed playing it. Keep up the good work and thanks for participating! 

If you want to discuss your game further, we can chat about it with everyone on discord ✌️


I especially liked the theme interpretation of becoming a wolf at night and scared Jerry at morning!

Art is well done. The starting screen and game over UI (different messages morning and night) is very cool.

At the beginning I wasn't expecting a level generation! it's really great that you accomplished it in such a short time.

AND OMG Audio is great!! XD

Small details like (i.e) game starts after you jump or showing the time above werewolf is great thinking for a game jam game.

Overall it's a really good game which you have already finished the MVP of the project, now all is left to maybe tweak mechanics a little and polish the game with some particles and etc. Even if you don't want to continue working on this, I think you have learned a lot from making this game and it amazes me.

Thanks for participating and well done to all!

I really want to see a "Remake of Floating Astronaut" in future.

This is the true idea of Game Jam games! Should be simple and fun, for a newbies game jam I think this really shows what areas you mostly practiced in programming and game development in general.

Please continue to work on small but serious projects in different topics/areas to achieve the knowledge of game developing, and in future you will be able to create much bigger projects!

I'm sorry but your submission seems to have no file uploaded. Please correct me if I need to Requalify!

Hi Iris! Of course you can resubmit it!
Here is the key link for you ^ just follow the instructions and you will be submitted

Hi Phoenix! 

I’m glad you have decided to start creating your first game!

As an experienced game developer I would like to suggest not using ChatGPT to write the code for you entirely. If you have some knowledge of how to program in C# and have already programmed a script (platforming controls in your case maybe) to speed things up it’s okay to use these types of tools, but don’t use it if you have never typed it out yourself! Understanding the code is not enough, you should type that yourself piece by piece!

ChatGPT is good for dealing with errors or complicated problems you’re having but never make him do any work or coding. Trust me, he will only slow you down in this learning curve.

That will be visible after everyone submits 😊

I can make it visible but this way it’s more surprising!

+4 days to everyone!

For many requests and voting made in Discord server, you will have 4 more days to submit your work! If you haven’t already submitted or even if you did, you can continue working, DONT GIVEUP!

Just try to do your best and learn from it!

For those who submitted on time, YOU ARE AMAZING!

Everyone is amazing on their own way, but time management skill is very important to have and master! That’s why we have a time limit of 10 days by default. Spreading the necessary tasks to each day can be difficult and you’ve done it!! 

Nathan! You still have 6 more days so I would say try focusing on more polish and bug testing!

Hi REDarkness, Yes you are allowed to use premade music assets or paid/free assets from assets store, just try to do as much as possible on your own in timeline of the game jam! That will help you learn more and improve yourself.


If you want you can start before game jam begins! Theme has revealed! 

Theme = Light is the Enemy - by Mercinn!

Hope you have a good experience everyone, please contact me if anything goes wrong, with any questions or concerns.

Come join our discord server! We have lots of advices about game development, and there are great people who can help you get started with unity!

It was more of a horror game for me 😳

Welldone! it's a fun fire game, a little hard but when you get used to it it's nice!

If you are thinking to improve the game you must add different type of enemies and maybe levels!

Other than that I think you did a great job in 15 days!

Well that is some bad boi act!

No way you did all the art work!!

I really loved what you came up with! Great work.

As a feedback (if you want) I think a separate indication (or some visual) for present is on hold or it's destroyed would help a lot for the game

Amazing work! 

I don't know what to say, I think a music some sound effects and extra levels will make the game complete!

I was shocked to see this high quality game made in 15 days!

Keep up the good work!

This is so amazing! At some point it turned into a rage game for me ;D 

but amazing work! I can truly say that with 1 month of experience in 15 days you two have accomplished a lot!

The game can be improved and polished, I would definitely play this game for the final version!

I really love the mechanic of leaning and moving at the same!


- Most of the time snowman won't jump if you are too close to the wall

- Definitely needs a rotatable camera angle (or at least improved angles for some levels)

- (Mac version tested) Music volume settings doesn't work...

Polishments Needed;

- Tutorial for different type of level blocks or indicators

- MORE LEVELS!! (I especially liked the level 1 where you need to lean perfectly, I want to see more of that)

- Menu buttons looks similar to subtitles | Maybe a hover effect or rect around the button text?

- Indicator for fire throwers or seperate model to show there is a cannon that throws fire.

NOTE: Feedbacks aren't needed if you are not considering to improve this project, lots of bugs are expected in Game Jams (this doesn't mean it's a bad submission)! Polishments are just my opinions however I would suggest you to take serious the ones that you think makes sense.

I really liked how you two created an amazing 3D platformer in 15 days! Congrats to you all!

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Update: We have decided for 5 extra days in Our Discord Channel! So feel free to give your game polish or take a day off or whatever you like 😊

You can still Join tho!

Thanks! This was for a jam so I've decided to leave it that way. Let me know if it would be better improved! 

Thanks for the feedback again.

I spend 16 minutes and 15 minutes was on the last checkpoint 😩

Overall it has a nice game play, but I would suggest adding more levels and definitely a restart shortcut!!!

Amazing game! Congrats being the first at Quality and Audio criteria's!

Game really has an amazing Quality with cool ideas, can't wait to see improvements!

A great well polished game!
Congratulations on becoming the 1st at "How Fun" and "Theme + Limitation" Criteria’s!

AMAZING GAME! Congratulations on being the 1st in Overall and Gameplay!

Keep working on amazing projects like this one!

Why didn't you say so, we could've give you a permission to re upload it :(

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So satisfying to have limitless bullet and destroy enemies, I didn’t seem to pass to the next level after destroying every one of them... but yeah, Overall Nice Work, keep it up!

Nice game! Not much to say... but Grass?

Great Quality! I really like the use of color palette.

Very well made concept.

The gameplay is very nice but still can be improved;

- Adding Coyote time / wider ground check collider

- Lowering the starting acceleration a little so it gives a smooth movement

- (I'm not sure if it's intended) Maybe falling will only send you one level back? or just to the start of the current level...

But I really had fun playing your game, overall it's a great game! 

Good job, keep working on it!

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Hey Everyone! Hope you are having fun playing each other’s games!

There is an unfortunate situation with itch, when I generate a late submission link for people to submit, it sends to 404 page. 

JustJim01 Got this problem, he couldn’t submit his game because of itch's issue.

However, he still can get feedback from our community, if you go and play his game it's mostly appreciated!

If you also had time issues but have kind of a playable project, please send them by replying to this message!

For less than a week of experienced person, this game is great! I would say before continuing on this project, try getting to know your engine and Programming language you use (if any)

for the game, I like how you control both of the characters with 4 keys only!

Keep up the good work!

Nice idea! For future, you probably have plans but I would also suggest adding things that will challenge the player! Like move limits or smth.

Clever idea! I would suggest make it a little longer, but the gameplay and idea is really good!

I really wanted to play more than a minute

Truly a clever puzzle game! I can imagine the level designing would be very fun for this game!!

Only feedback would be the bg music which you might already know.

Other than that add more levels and it would be an amazing polished game! Well done.

AGHHH!! My fingers, I can't feel them...

Amazing work, truly frustrating fun to play, totally I didn't throw my laptop out of the window or anything.

Jokes aside I really had fun, the last level was a little challenging and I still haven’t finished it yet, but overall it's really a polished game imo!

Great work, keep working on amazing projects!

Crazy idea, ngl drawing the invisible level with blobs blood is a little terrifying lol

but it's a really good concept! I liked it, I say don't leave this project as a jam game only, try improving it after the voting period!

It was so challenging!! And I couldn't make it at the very end, but I completed most of it, there was one level where it changes the gravity a lot! I got stuck there XD

Overall, very fun game, as I said, it was challenging and that's why it was so fun to play.

Very well done, 

for future, I say try changing the environment after couple of levels to grab the attention.

Very well made! 

I liked the puzzle and graphics in this game!! Keep up the good work.

Nice game! Very fun to play

Short but fun!

Well done.