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Art style looks fantastic; looking forward to getting into this!

I had a few issues with the menu navigation and game's button mapping, but otherwise this was solid! I'm really looking forward to more! beautiful style, art, music, and general vibe

I couldn't use a medkit; it somehow got eaten up in the menu when I pressed x instead of Start
I'll post a video later

Glad you liked it, and glad you can use the feedback!
Thanks again for making the game; it was engrossing

It was the most engrossing game I've played in a while

You should specify dimensions somewhere for ease

Took me  awhile to get 'round to playing because of work :(
But, I really enjoyed the improvements. Looking forward to more from you!

Thanks! That's great to hear for a rush-job first attempt

I'll try to get more content out soon!

I made this.
It's not very good, but enjoy xox

Thanks for continuing to download this pack!
I know it's a little basic, but hopefully it's been useful for you

I'll give it another go soon!!

Absolutely great game

It won't run :(


Good stuff, really enjoyed the tone, pacing, and sound effects. The character art is also really good, and of course a really nice colour palette. Looking forward to more!

Everyone is saying this was a calming game, but I felt so stressed because I couldn't see the connection between the text and how to progress forward: sometimes he simlpy got into the wrong type of taxi, or suddenly decided to stop telling his story, and there was no hint between what choices would actually talk about the key elements

The art style and the narrative were solid, and I really love the concept, but the way of putting together the puzzle was a little obtuse, and there was no real indication that I was heading in the right (or wrong) direction
The end of the game referred to the character as a Yokai, but he mentions that he was a human that died, so surely that's a Yurei (ghost)? (Forgive me if I'm wrong)

I enjoyed the nod to Italo Calvino, and the writing was generally quite easy-going (but sometimes came off a little melodramatic)
Seen as it says this is a demo, I'm interested to see what you guys do with the game from here. Keep doing cool stuff!

I'm interested in adding my free  vocal asset pack as  a sign of solidarity to the cause

Thanks for making this bundle; it's wonderful

Best game I've played in a long while
I really look forward to more

Hi, this game looks really good, and I want to play it; but when I click launch nothing happens.
Itch will say that the game is running, but that's it; there's no error, no window, nothing at all

Is there another source to download the game from?

Looking forward to more for sure! And my friends have told me that this game looks good to them too
I'll send you a DM soon!

Fun little thing
Nice level design, gameplay, and character design

Only big issue is that the game is about 50 times louder than anything else on my PC

Keep it going!

This is  a solid little experience, and I was unnerved a couple of times, which is pretty good going.
The sound and model designs are fantastic
Look forward to more

Loved this. Looking forward to more, especially if it has this kind of aesthetic. Keep it coming!

Certain to become a tradition

Was a nice experience

Meant to have this video up a week or so agao, but life's been crazy

This game way a nice little experience, I think the tone of blue made my head hurt a little bit, but other than that, I really enjoyed the experience
Keep it up, I wanna play more!

This was the best thing that I've played on Itch, The pacing was perfect, the voice acting was perfect, the style was perfect.
Although I struggled tofind a couple key items due to that style, the game never has any "cat hair moustache" solutions
Everybody should try this game


I have to agree that if the majority of endings are suicide, then it is implying that the action you take leads to you ultimately ending yourself, which is not a great way to present people in this situation. 
Every time I played it lead to a suicide, and considering that the game is so inherently beautiful, I couldn't help but feel that it is glorifying suicide.
That being said, the path to solace is not easy, and so "good endings" should not outweigh the bad ones, so I appreciate that greatly.
The character committed without me expecting them to do so. Obviously, this game was only made in 48 hours, so there's limitations, but in future work it'd be great if the player had a bit more controll; for example, choosing to take pills shouldn't end in suicide. It felt like quite a big jump to go from "I'll take what the doctor gave me" to "I will use what the doctor gave me to die" it'd be good to have an option that was clearer, again, I understand that the game is emulating the effect of confusion and uncertainty, but I feel that it's implying that people in this situation have no choice or agency in their own lives

From personal experience, I feel that a more true depiction would be to come close to suicide multiple times, but ultimately returning to a state of repetition.

After all of what I've said, the game seems to've resonated with a lot of people, and they seem to've found it helpful, so I guess that my view is my own. I see that you said you don't want to touch the game again and that's very understandableI hope that what I've said doesn't come across to negative or damning, and simply acts as something fo you to think about if you ever consider this type of game again. 
Keep up the hard workand thanks for creating beautiful games

This was another great game
I didn't do very well, because I'm bad at games, but still really enjoyed this

This was my favourite game that I've found on Itch in a long time

The music, themovement, and the character design are all so great.

I look forward to more!

It was mad

A little playthrough
Really nice art style

A quick play.
I liked this game, but sadly I sucked at it haha

A quick play