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I love this metroidvania! I also made a short video (in French) to present Sundered :

It’s really a super nice game! I also made a short video (in French) to present Shotgun King :


Ah damn, I didn't really know how to handle the revolution.  It doesn't matter, I tested something and I'm proud of it.  Thanks for taking the time to participate!

pikwip is insane

Hello Jupi, I saw your video. It was great !

The concept of the game is cool, cute the little creature. It's funny the animation of the toilets xD

I had a good time on your game, the sound adds a bit of atmosphere. The concept could rival the Google dinosaur !

So, I hadn't thought of that. Thank you for your opinion !

I like the world of the game, it's complex but understandable! to contiue !

I like the little ship, the texts are pretty. I like !

Thank you very much The Sun King, it makes me very happy!

Yes sorry I had problems when creating paint 3310. And it's true that it's not quite a game :(

Yeah !

Very funny !

In real life the game is fun to play despite the fact that there is a great sensitivity. Well done !

I love the graphic style !

I like this flower !

Cool, I like the musik !

Cool, I like the musik !

Thank you so much Evengy ! 👍

The character is just too much fun!

Nice game, i like your dungeon style !

Cool concept !

Cool visuals and audio !



Thank you guy 

Too strong ^^

and thank you for playing !

It works !

Very Nice game !

I'm block

Wow !

very cool !

Cool !

Very cool guy

Hello Mantao

The graphic style and the music go very well together.

I also like being able to triple jump.

keep it up!

Hello everyone who will see this post!

This morning, I wanted to try to make a game with Construct 3. Then I found the Hell Bullet Jam and started creating a project: Bullet Mania

The sprites were created using Construct 3's integrated drawing software.

The game consists of shooting the monsters arriving towards the turret.

Here's The Game :

Please tell me its strengths and weaknesses.

I recently started making video games so it's okay if it's not perfect.

For the #BulletHellJam2021

Have a good day !

good job !