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Today, we checked full body tracking system on Virtual Motion Recorder v_2_4 with Vive Tracker 3.0.

It working well! It worked as well as Vive Tracker 2018, no need to worry about using Vive Tracker 3.0 to enjoy full body tracking and motion capture. 

Product page:

Contact us:

We updated Virtual Motion Recorder to version 2.4!

Recording motion captured 3DCG with post processing in VR: 

Post-processing effects were added to the virtual camera. High quality 3DCG videos can now be shot in consumer VR. With basic VR equipment, you can shoot spectacular videos in VR.

Realtime demonstration trailer:

Contact: Page:

Thank you for the feedback, and sorry for the late reply.

You need to use HTC Vive trackers or their replacement to use fullbody tracking. Before using full body tracking, please set the tracker roles to waist, left leg, and right leg respectively in the SteamVR menu.

This image is in Japanese, but the layout is the same in English.

Virtual Motion Recorder is a motion capture application with VR devices.

Make animation which can use in Unity game engine in FEW MINUTES.

Supports Full body tracking.

Use animation files to make videos, games, and various creative  activities.

Planning to enable this application to perform various tasks required for video creation without high-end computer. Anybody will be able to make motion captured videos with standalone VR devices.