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Pls, make it explicitly Portrait-oriented in the settings. The default option always gives Landscape for me on the phones.

Thank you for the kind words. I wish you luck with your learning of Russian!

Thanks for your reply! I think the AI-art won’t go anywhere now. It will become more and more common.

Thanks for your reply!

Thank you for your reply!

Actually, you’ve caught the main idea perfectly right: it is more of a kinetic story with partial variability than a game with a high player agency. I look with an awe on people who manage to create complex mechanics with such an unusual language as ink. Never could wrap my mind around this)

Ah! Now it’s clear. Thanks!

What kind of sorcery is this!

Actually, now I see it in the list of submitted games. Did the hashtag in the description make the miracle?

My game doesn’t appear in dropdown menu somehow.

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“Derelict Belt” is the textmode adventure game in the form of interactive fiction.

Take control of a ragtag band of mercenaries roaming the Derelict Belt in a search of unspeakable treasures or unimaginable horrors.

The player takes role of distant operator who helps his team in looting of ancient spaceships. The only mean of communication is the old terminal with text-based interface which the Op uses to analyze, to command, to advise and — sometimes — to helplessly watch.

The main sources of inspiration are:

  • Duskers
  • Alien
  • Dwarf Fortress

Two devlog articles:

  1. The beginning — Начало
  2. Earliest of results — Первичные результаты


«Derelict Belt» — это текстовая приключенческая игра с textmode-графикой.

Возьмите под свой контроль разношёрстную банду наёмников, рыскающих по всему Заброшенному Поясу в поисках несметных сокровищ и невообразимых ужасов.

Игрок примеряет на себя роль удалённого оператора, который помогает своей команде в разграблении древних космических кораблей. Единственное средство связи — старый терминал с текстовым интерфейсом, через который Оп анализирует обстановку, командует, даёт советы и, иногда, беспомощно наблюдает.

Главные источники вдохновения:

  • Duskers
  • Чужой
  • Dwarf Fortress

Две статьи о разработке:

  1. The beginning — Начало
  2. Earliest of results — Первичные результаты

I've locked the door in the evening of the first day and next morning I couldn't open it.

Glad you liked it! Thanks for the kind words!

Yay! Thanks! The twist was always there wasn’t it ;)

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Yeah, it’s actually opposite to your situation, I think: when you come up with an idea of settings/story first and try to pull any mechanics on it then))

Thanks for the feedback!

Not the most original setting, but!

But the feature with the imminent, frequent blackouts adds an additional narrative layer (which is ink’s strongest ability, I suppose). Liked it too much!

Oh, that is interesting idea!

Mine is the example of bilingual game)

Well, you have a new fan then!

Looking forward to it)

Shouldn't it be several camera angles? I'm getting only one.

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Thank you a lot for the critics!

I've tried to mitigate the dullness of repetition by giving the PC some agency, but I suppose it is not strong enough.

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Thank you everybody! It means a lot to me.

Great! How can I contact you privately?

Got it!


I've almost finished my game, but as a non-native speaker, I need help with the proof-reading. Is there anyone kind enough to lend me a hand with it?

Thanks for the good news! 

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I have a question: what if I send English translation of my older Russian work, would it be valid as an original work?