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Thank you for leaving such a heartfelt message. I hope you are well and continue to hold your family member’s memories fondly.

Holy shit thats amazing

all the visuals are so beautiful! what a treat for the eyes

Wouldn’t necessarily say that there is a name for the art style apart from how you described it. Maybe if you branch away from ‘pixel art’ as a medium, you could find a similar realm in low poly art with a moody colour palette.

You can always look at similar artists who share similar brands and study how they draw! For respite, I was inspired by waneella’s pixel art but is highly detailed.

hopefully this helps. good luck!

Im glad you enjoyed it c: thank you!

such a short lovely game!!

Such an adorable and polished gamee! I love the characters and the humor of the story. def recommend playing

Glad you like it!

thank you!

I’m glad you enjoyed it :)

Thank you so muchh!

Jackie Huang learns more about the clients that carry a heavy past who frequent the shop for a little sleep therapy. This 4-month visual novel game that serves as both a visual development and motion graphic school project invites you into the mysterious yet magical world of Dr. Feng’s apothecary.

Available now in browser!


the frogs were waiting for you <3

cryin in the club

lovely short story!!

Your work is so inspirational… thank you for sharing ;u;

This is such a cool spin on the project!! i love this so muchhh!

another great one. love your work c:

!! Spoilers !!

The argument was about the main character’s rude and stressed behavior due to burnout and over-working. The MC denies that they’ve been having problems and avoids the confrontation from his roommates which ends in a fight. What they exactly fought about? It’s not really written into the game so you didn’t miss anything regarding that.

Thanks for playing and sharing your play through!

The game was so relaxing and enjoyable to play! I will always love the nostalgia of comfy asian homes and rainy days. This really made me tear up thinking about my family overseas.

I played it with a group of a friends and we all thought that it was so beautiful to experience. I’ll definitely be playing it again by myself!

Thank you for this experience!

The art is BEAUTIFULLL I have no words!! The music is also soo atmospheric. You inspire me so much with your work.

This is so beautiful and mellow. I really vibe with this! Sometimes, I play games for their ambiance and mood and this tracks will put it high up on favourites. I can’t wait play!

Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it

Thanks for playing! Im glad you enjoyed it c:

Im glad you enjoyed it! Ty!

Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

I chose “my cute neighbour” in the end! I loved going through all the quotes, reviews, and, especially, the internal thoughts. Short game but really resonated with me.

Deconstructeam’s creations never seem to disappoint me when looking for a touching but bittersweet experience!

needs more

Thank you so much for playing! Im so glad that you enjoyed it and I definitely have plans to do more!

Thank you so much for playing and for sharing this play through! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

The music was done by Louie Zong so we don’t take credit. Thanks for playing!

Thanks!! I got it done under a month so i’m super happy about it. Thanks for playing!

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!!! Spoilers ahead!! . . . Yes! If you decided to stay, it’s suppose to close itself to represent taking a break. If you decided to go, the game would restart with the cut scene to represent repeating the cycle of stress and burnout.

A bit metaphorical and not the cleanest ending but since it was a school project I had to rush to get it down.

Thanks for asking!

I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thank you!

Go ahead!

I’m glad you enjoyed it!

thank you! c:

Thank you so much!!

short and sweet <3