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Cool :D Your games look very nice!
Do you have a Discord account? I'm kivutar on the discord of SGDK.

I've addressed a part of your comments in the latest ROM.

Thanks for the constructive comments.
You mean updating the game description, or just blogposts?

Yep, there will be some dialogs that will explain that she wakes up without any weapon or power.
There will be a pause, used to switch the magic power.
There is currently nothing after getting the umbrella. Other maps have been done, but they are not linked yet to the beginning of the game.

Thanks for the kind words.
I'll do my best to produce a nice demo for the next Retro Game Con in France where the game will be first presented.

Thanks, this means a lot to me

Hahah excellent! How did you get this idea?

Very nice design!

Thank you my friend. Having the support and feedback of our little community helps me a lot to keep motivated.

This is a very polished demo. I love the pixel art, the atmosphere, the humour.. This game is very promising. Please keep up the good work.

This is so cool! I love the idea of the Dragon that we see in the video. I hope you can finish the game. I can see that a lot of efforts have been put into it.

Yes I'm working on it alone, but I'm receiving help and advice about Genesis programming, spriting, etc.
I'm unnable to compose music alas.

Thank you! Yes it's very buggy, I'm actually spending all my time fixing bugs and cleaning the code before thinking about adding new game elements.

The idea is nice. The screenshots too.

Thanks a lot. It will take a while to get a "full game" given how I'm struggling implementing the basic fundamental mechanics.

If it becomes unmanageable, I could also scope it down to a more linear platformer. But I have hope that I can figure it out and do the full metroidvania experience.