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Yes I would like to, but I don't have an apple laptop anymore to check if it works so it's not convenient.

If you know how to code or type commands, there are some guidelines here:

Someone could adapt them to rombundler. But as you can see, apple packaging is quite complex, with code signing and notarization.

EDIT: I have an unfinished pull request here but I don't remember what was wrong with it

I managed to get double resolution by using a options.ini containing only

duckstation_GPU.ResolutionScale = 2

I hadn't try swanstation for a while, so I did this morning and went into some issues like having the screen upside down, forcing video.hw.bottom_left_origin to false in video.c fixed it for me.

I got another issue about inputs, but maybe this one happens only on m1 mac.

About the upscaling, it appears that there is something special in the option names of swanstation and I may need to add some more code to support it in swanstation.

Try the new release, I checked it with fbneo and 1943

I don't see the rotation code in it, but it's easy to add.


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What are you saying? A lot of libretro cores are under licenses that allow this kind of use. I'm myself a member of libretro and I know OSS licenses quite well.

Explain me for example what par of the license of Blastem or Lutro would prevent me to distribute my Genesis Homebrew or Lutro game?

I'm not active on this game. But I've not abandoned it either.
I'm working on a mini game for the same franchise that teaches me how to code interesting bosses and improve the game feel.

There must be some ways to bundle everything into a single executable, like love2d does for the assets.
But some emulators require the ROM file to be a real file on the filesystem, especially for CD based systems.
Designing a solution that would work for all cores and OSes would take a bit of time.


OK, can you please report the different issues on github so that I can fix them independently and not forget?

I'm looking at the R issue.


I confirm it's breaking with mesen, something related to glfw cursor.

OK I will try mesen


Not ready yet

Plug 2 controllers

yep and it looks fine, but try setting the window size and aspect ratio, just in case, like here

Can you show your ini files?

Hi, window_width and window_hight will affect only the windowed mode.
There is currently no way to set a particular monitor.
There might be emulator settings to remove overscan, depending on the emulator.
So far there is no plan to add a configuration UI for this, as every user will have different wish for the look end feel. You can however make your own that can edit the config.ini.

Thanks, I will look into fixing this.

Thank you!

Sadly I don't have a lot of free time. I'm working full time (over time) and I'm a dad. So it's going to take a lot of time.

Contact me on the discord channel of SGDK and I will show you how to do the same.
You can also release a .exe for Windows using similar techniques.

Thanks for your comments. The fan drops were supposed to be like in Wonder Boy 3, consumable magic attacks that you can drop on enemies. But I'm going to remove this and replace it with a trinket+slots system.

lol that was fun

I just added support for 2 joypads. Please retry.
Also on a keyboard, START is Enter.

No, I only did the sprites and attacks, the tileset was from the web but I can't remember the exact source as it is an old project.

Cool, what is your Linux Gaming Platform?

Thanks. The level generator is made following a youtube video that explains Spelunky level generator.

Thank you. I really like this game too, so I think I will continue it anyway. But I took a full time job, and I'm a dad, so yeah.. I lack time. A game like this requires full dedication.

This is the kind of CRT we can find

I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to old consoles, I prefer to use it on a CRT to account for overscan and get the transparency effect on water cascades.
Maybe this plus this would do the trick for my megadrive 1 to work on a YPbPr, which is the only kind of CRT we can find in Vietnam.

Tthe development is stopped for now. I can't find a CRT with SCART in the country I live in. I can use an emulator but then it's hard to maintain compatibility with the real hardware.

I confirm that the game is a 1 level demo for now.

Cool :D Your games look very nice!
Do you have a Discord account? I'm kivutar on the discord of SGDK.

I've addressed a part of your comments in the latest ROM.

Thanks for the constructive comments.
You mean updating the game description, or just blogposts?

Yep, there will be some dialogs that will explain that she wakes up without any weapon or power.
There will be a pause, used to switch the magic power.
There is currently nothing after getting the umbrella. Other maps have been done, but they are not linked yet to the beginning of the game.

Thanks for the kind words.
I'll do my best to produce a nice demo for the next Retro Game Con in France where the game will be first presented.