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OK I will try mesen

I confirm it's breaking with mesen, something related to glfw cursor.


YES! It works.

Now I do have 2 issues that I just recently stumbled upon. First though I want to mention that the Mednafen Wonderswan and Sega Saturn cores work.

Now the first issue is that I was trying to play some games that use L/R (not L2/R2) and found R doesn't work at all. L will work but not R and L2/R2 work but those act as turbo buttons and I'm not trying to do that. It seems to be a problem in the script and how you have the controls setup. Not the cores because I used the same exact cores with Ludo and I didn't have the same issue. Tested out with Astal for Sega Saturn (which works great btw aside from the issue because you can change the control setup) and Klonoa 2 for GBA.

Second issue is with PS1. I haven't tested any game other than Ape Escape but it doesn't recognize that the controller is plugged into port 1. That game uses both analog sticks. Now I dunno if this is just an issue with the port recognition (which btw this might be a third issue because trying to assign different control types to a certin port in the config.ini doesn't seem to work at all), or if it's the same kind of issue that I'm having with the R button.

Would love if you can look into this and fix it. I really love what you have here and these are just a few problems that are keeping it from being perfect for me. 

Thank you!

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A bit more about Sega Saturn that I actually forgot. Because of the 6 button layout of a Saturn controller, apparently the C button get's mapped to R which as I mentioned doesn't work regardless.

OK, can you please report the different issues on github so that I can fix them independently and not forget?

I'm looking at the R issue.

Oh... I'm dumb and that didn't even cross my mind. lol Ok I'll copy and paste there what I typed here.

Thanks again.