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Decade Jam community · Created a new topic my god

it's been 3 years already and i haven't made anything yet lol

we are 33% of the way through this game jam already

what are your specs

how was it

there's a ton of them


Good art style, graphics. I like the grapple mechanic and the variety of enemies, and the looping world.

Simple, polished gameplay. I like the art, the sounds, but it could use a little bit of music. With the upgrades, maybe make the effect more dramatic, or put in random upgrades? Maybe there could be more types of upgrades. 

This game is good, it is nice shooting, platforming game. I like the graphics and art style, the way the camera moves around and the three weapons. It is short, but no less for it.

This is a fun and interesting concept. I enjoy the gameplay a lot, the movement is satisfying for me. Unique choice for art. The music is very good, and I like the way you bent the theme of the game jam to create this game. Good job

It's a decent game. Lots of room for improvement, but so far it is fun. The shooting and killing is very juicy and satisfying. The art could be more unified, however, and the walking speed should be increased. Lower the damage of the enemies, then maybe you could add in more enemy types with unique abilities.

7 / 10 is not so bad. An improvement since last time.

Interesting, simple concept but is very polished, graphically impressive and has lots of game juice. The gameplay seems simple to me, but what's there is very well done. It looks like it's a professionally created game, and it may be. The scene is quite nice and moody as well. Good job on this, it's the best I've seen so far.

I love your videos! The graphics are very unique and nice looking. The music is fantastic too, I don't know how you two did this in two days. This is great.

The graphics look very nice, music is good too. This definitely looks like a retro game, especially with the way the screen fades. Gameplay is fun and simple too. Good job on this.

This game is very good! I love the graphics, so cartoon-y and fun to look at! The gameplay is fun and interesting, it makes regularly easy platforming much more challenging. The music I like as well, but more sound effects could be used. After the jam, if you weren't going to already, maybe add a background. Some parallax scrolling and objects in the foreground can make the game have a bit more of an illusion of depth. Objects for the character to interact with in the foreground would look pretty good too, like grass that waved when brushed, or got pressed down by a jump. The game is simple, and fun. I love that.

Looks very interesting.

You made this in only two days? This is incredible! Good job!

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So far none more have been developed, but it may be an idea for the future. I'm planning on not adding much from what the game is so far, so if you had to suggest any character, what would it be? =)

Check this out for some updates!

Nice improvement! I like the new map!

Good! The graphics look decent, it runs well, and the controls feel good. If the walking could be faster, it would be preferred. The track design if you choose to turn this into a full game maybe could be different. Possibly wider with walls on the side, multiple characters and visual feedback for your actions

From the video, it certainly looks good! Definitely trying this one out!

This game is good! how did you do the snail?

This game, I have been working on since January 15 2019.

Nice, did you make it in construct this time? Do you need an artist?

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Whoops i should definitely remove the music. I should seperate the systems, and lower the difficulty a bit.

Thank you for the tips

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This game is enjoyable, like the style of pixel art, and the way the puzzles work. The graphics are good as well. If I had to change something, it would be to add a little bit of sound effects with something like chiptone. 

Great job on this game! The gameplay has a nice feel to it, with the style of gameplay requiring constant attention. Graphically, maybe you could add some effects to signify impacts of characters, by for example making the arsonist squash and stretch when he hits the ground, and squash vertically when he shoots, maybe sending him a little bit back. The bonus level was good.

How do you find the exe?

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This is very good I love it. How did you make the music? Can you rate my game please?

This game is off to a good start, artwise. I feel that this spritework is very nice and polished, and extra details such as animation or if supported by clickteam, squash and stretch can add a lot of polish. When the monsters die, think of adding some small details like adding particle explosions, and having those particles stick to the surfaces for 10 - 15 seconds for extra. Screen shake can also be considered, and for 8 bit or 16 bit sfx, you can look towards chiptone for those type of sounds.

Please check this video out by blackthornprod for an example of what I am trying to describe.

The game works, the setting fire is addictive to me. Adding in more sound effects with audacity or other audio programs, creating looping game music in programs, can help. Maybe use bosca ceoil in the webpage, and consider others such as anvil studio. Give the game more of a distinct aesthetic with a limited warm color pallet, more impact when the trees are burnt, with things such screen shake. This is a good start.

What is in the new version?