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That's perfectly fine! If you're interested, I (Mimkitty, CEO) can add you on discord and we can talk some more if you'd like, to see if you're a good fit for us and we are a good fit for you.

Bump! Interest in marketing or video editing? We have positions for you :)!

Bump! We do not need the Secretary position anymore and we hired a web developer! If you are interested in marketing, please contact us!

About to stream this game if you'd like to see me play it :]

thank you! we tried to make it adorable, i am glad we delivered :)

sorry for the late reply (was sleeping), my discord is now able to take requests!

yes, we are! do you know JS and know a little bit of backend?

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We are Kittenberry Studios (stylized: kittenberry studios) and we are looking to fill positions in our start-up to be able to complete our first project.


General Requirements : No experience needed, preferably adult, available on Saturdays @ 7 CST, uses discord, must not be bigoted (no racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism), must respect pronouns, absolutely no antisemitism (this means discrimination against Jewish people)

Most of the team is not straight, and many of us are not cis either. Many of us are also mentally ill and/or neurodivergent, and the owner is chronically ill, so if you cannot handle or respect that, you will be turned away.


Positions needed (can be divided into multiple positions if needed):

Secretary : Takes notes during meetings, creates and manages our schedule, makes sure everyone is clocking in their allotted work hours, sends and receives emails (checks often), works with discord and discord bots to create events and remind other members of their work or important events

Head of Marketing  : Creates and follows promotional plans, brainstorms ideas for posts, reminds content creators of what posts need to be made, makes sure the posting schedule is followed, creates press kits, researches contacts for PR, takes control of networking, researches publishing options, edits videos occasionally 

Web/Software Dev  : Manages the website and its servers, designs layouts for website, creates and runs mail servers for newsletters (unless there is another way), understands JavaScript and its libraries. More JS-front-end oriented and Backend preferred, we have a frontend developer you can work with.


Payment : Will be discussed up to, during, and after the release of our first major game (releasing October 31st). Most of us are students or poor adults focusing on making sure we have a place to live, so there will be nothing major until the game is released. At the moment, this is a passion project and we are wanting to get our studio off of the ground.

email :

discord : mimkitty#3086

community discord :

twitter :

instagram :


What is our current project?

It is a cute & cozy top-down RPG where you play as two characters, Loppy & Dotty, trick-or-treating from ghosts to get berries to make pie, with an underlying theme of normalizing male platonic affection and close male friendships. If you would like to see a taste of the artstyle and characters, this is our small, promotional mini-game for it.

What Joining Will Look Like : 

When you apply, we would like to see your social medias and give you a trial run for a couple of weeks. We want to make sure the team can get along


i know i am replying again but i just wanted to let you know that your comment made me tear up a little <3 i didn't expect so much love and kindness to come from this game, thank you so much and thank you to all of the other commenters <3

thank you, you are so sweet! i will let the voice actor for Loppy that you liked his voice acting ♡ it makes the team and i (mimkitty) really happy to hear that this cheered you up... we are so happy you love it :) ♡ keep an eye out for our game releasing in October, it'll be in the same artstyle and have the same characters ♡! your comment means so much ♡ 

thank you for all of the compliments and kind words ♡ ! we are so very happy to hear that the game made you feel so happy !! thank you for your comment and love ♡ and we absolutely cannot wait to show you what we have planned ! ♡♡♡

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If you want to play a cute Valentine's Day game, definitely try out Loppy's Valentine! It is a mini-game promoting our game releasing October 2022- Booberries! You play as one of the main characters preparing valentine's for your valentine, the other MC of our upcoming game. It was made in GDevelop, and was made in around 2 weeks. Despite its short production time, a lot of effort was put into it.

This is a promotional game to broaden our audience and to gather donations to be able to successfully release "Booberries"! We wanted to give players a taste of our art style, musical style, atmosphere, and vision that will be apparent in our upcoming game. If you like this game, we suggest you follow us for updates, follow our social media, share our game, and donate if you can! Thank you so much!

Loppy's Valentine
Loppy, a tan/cream colored bunny with loppy ears and wearing a pink sweater with a heart on it, is carrying a red heart with lace adorning its edges. The red heart says "Loppy's Valentine" on it. Loppy's eyebrows are upturned and he is smiling. He also has blush on his cheeks. There are small red hearts surrounding him.

we are so glad you think so! we appreciate your comment greatly ♡

thank you so much! we are so glad you enjoyed the game. we hope to continue to put a lot of effort into our future games, it means a lot to have that recognized in our work ♡