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Kite Line

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Replayed this recently. I would love a modern update for this criminally unknown gem.

From what I can tell, doing "bad things" causes those Japanese businessmen enemies to appear, and doing more bad things causes them to become increasingly aggressive. It does not appear to affect the ending in any way.


I'm curious if there is more than one ending.

After beating the game, a new NPC appears in the King's Doorway. They have a few different dialogue routes you can go through but it otherwise doesn't appear to affect anything.

Likewise, going through all of the No Go Door paths doesn't appear to affect anything either.

It just feels like there should be more... Maybe I'm simply missing something? Or maybe that's truly all there is.

In any case, this was a worthwhile and interesting experience.

Thanks a lot! That means a bunch coming from you. Really looking forward to Perlin Festival.

The music is by Tomita. That room is a reference to Jack Horkheimer.

The number in the top-left corner is the FPS display. It's part of the original SOUP.

Thanks for playing!

A fun little game with good controls, fluid movement mechanics, and appealing character designs. Reminds me of the N64 Castlevania games (which is a good thing).

My only complaint is that some of the areas tend to blend together (which is understandable due to the tight development period) and I really wish there was some sort of in-game map due to how often I got lost (or maybe there is and I just missed it?).

In any case, great work!

It was an honor to bathe you.